The Central Electric Railfans' Association (CERA) Bulletin 99, "The Smaller Electric Railways of Illinois", includes some information on three additional streetcar companies. Some information is sketchy on these lines, which were abandoned early. All of these lines are in Chicago's south suburbs, later served by South Suburban Safeway Lines and now served by the Pace South Division. There is little resemblance between these streetcar systems, and any present day or recent bus routes.

Midlothian and Blue Island Railroad - operated from Midlothian station on the Rock Island Railroad, to the Midlothian Country Club, 1 1/4 miles west. Opened in 1898, steam operated until 1911, and discontinued in 1928.

Harvey Transit Co. - 3 mile route from 151st St./Columbia Ave. to 147th St./Marshfield Ave., via Columbia, 156th St., and Marshfield. Opened in 1892, closed a few years later. In 1898, line became part of Chicago Electric Traction Co., which eventually became the Chicago and Interurban Traction Co.

Chicago Heights Street Railway Co. - 6 1/2 mile system. No information available other than a map in the CERA Bulletin, showing the system as it existed in 1920. The following map is adapted from the map in the CERA Bulletin. Local streetcar system shown in blue, with connecting interurban lines also shown.