1884 - Madison Street Railroad Co. introduces mule car service on State Street, serving University of Wisconsin.

1887 - Madison Street Railroad Co. reorganized as Madison City Railway Co.

1889 - Madison City Railway Co. begins electrifying lines.

1892 - Electrification of streetcar lines completed.

1897 - Madison City Railway Co. reorganized as Madison Electric Railway Co.

1901 - Madison Electric Railway Co. reorganized as Madison Traction Co.

1904 - Madison Traction Co. sold to Madison & Interurban Traction Co.

1907 - Madison & Interurban Traction Co. remaned Southern Wisconsin Railway Co.

1916 - Southern Wisconsin Railway Co. reorganized as Madison Railways Co.

1923 - First buses in Madison are operated by Wingra Bus Co., when Madison Railways Co. was financially unable to extend its Wingra Park line.

1926 - Madison Railways Co. acquires Wingra Bus Co.

1935 - All streetcar routes converted to buses.

1939 - Madison Railways Co. renamed Madison Bus Co.

1970 - Madison Bus Co. becomes publicly owned Madison Metro.

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