Present and past.

A 1935 map in the May/June 1990 Motor Coach Age shows the car houses in operation at the time. Louisville Railway Co. had its main shops and largest car house on a section of land on both sides of 29th St., between Broadway and Garland Ave. Additional shops were located at another car house at 18th St. and Walnut St. (now Muhammad Ali Blvd.). And another major car house was located at Avery Ave. (now Cardinal Blvd.) and 4th St. Additional smaller car houses were located at 27th St. and Chestnut St., 27th St. and Market St., 13th St. and Main St. The map does not show earlier car houses at 32nd St. and Portland Ave., Highland Ave. and Baxter Ave., Shelby St. and Ormsby Ave., and 7th St. and Myrtle.

Many of these old car houses appear to be still standing, including 29th St., 18th St., Chestnut St., Shelby St., and 7th St.

A portion of the 18th and Walnut car house was modified in 1923 to accommodate the first buses, operated by Louisville Railway Co. subsidiary Kentucky Carriers. The 29th St. and Broadway car house started housing trolleybuses in 1936, and diesel buses in 1940.

In 1947, a new trolleybus garage building was constructed south of the Avery Ave. car house. And in 1952, the 18th St. and Walnut St. garage was closed, with buses moved to the 29th St. and Broadway garage. And in 1957, a new replacement garage was constructed a block west of the 29th St. and Broadway garage, on the north side of Broadway. The new garage later became identified as the Western Division. While the 4th St. and Avery St. garage, now housing motor buses, became identified as the Southern Division. The Southern Division was closed in 1972, leaving all buses based at 28th St. and Broadway.

In 1979, a new garage was constructed out of the old Louisville Union Station, replacing the garage at 28th St. and Broadway. Address is 1000 W. Broadway.

Transit Center

TARC has no central downtown transfer point, with different routes operating over different downtown streets.


Links to locations of past and present transit facilities, using Google Maps. Satellite views are also available.