(Outside Downtown St. Louis)

Photos were taken in 1999 and 2012.

The first stop on the line in Illinois is East Riverfront, high up and immediately east of the Eads Bridge. An eastbound train is coming off the bridge, with the Mississippi River and Gateway Arch visible.

The Metrolink line formerly terminated at 5th and Missouri, in East St. Louis, where connections are available with various bus routes. The line was eventually extended further east to Shiloh/Scott

Union Station in St. Louis has been converted from a train station to a mall and entertainment area. The Metrolink stop is east of there. This view is looking west towards the Metrolink tunnel underneath Union Station, a preserved train shed is visible.

West of downtown St. Louis, the Metrolink uses the former right of way of the Wabash Railroad. This is the Metrolink stop immediately north of Delmar Blvd. At the actual Delmar Blvd. overpass, the Wabash Railroad building remains standing, unused.

The original Metrolink line ends at the Airport. To the right is a sculpture of an airport control tower, the actual control tower is to the left.

A newer Metrolink branch splits from the Airport line at Forest Park. A major stop on this line is Clayton. Clayton is the county seat of St. Louis County, which consists entirely of the suburban areas and is politically separate from the city of St. Louis.

The newer Metrolink branch ends here at Shrewsbury.