1885 - Kalamazoo City & County Street Railway Co. introduces horse car service in Kalamazoo.

1889 - Kalamazoo City & County Street Railway Co. sold to Kalamazoo Street Railway Co.

1893 - Kalamazoo Street Railway Co. sold to Citizens' Street Railway Co., which adopts electric operation.

1898 - Citizens' Street Railway Co. sold to Michigan Traction Co.

1900 - Michigan Traction Co. opens interurban line between Kalamazoo and Battle Creek.

1906 - Michigan United Railway incorporated, and acquires Michigan Traction Co., along with most of the other electric railways in southern and western Michigan.

1913 - Commonwealth Power Railway & Light Co. acquires Michigan United Railway as a subsidiary.

1915 - Michigan United Railway subsidiary Michigan Railway Co. opens interurban line between Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids.

1922 - Commonwealth Power Co. incorporated as subsidiary of Commonwealth Power Railway & Light Co., controlling Michigan United Railway.

1923 - Michigan United Railway reorganized as Michigan Electric Railway Co.

1924 - Electric Railway Securities Co. incorporated as a separate new holding company, affiilated with Commonwealth Power Co. Michigan Electric Railway Co. becomes subsidiary of Union Railway Gas & Electric Co., formerly a subsidiary of Commonwealth Power Co.

1929 - Michigan Electric Railway Co. reorganized as Michigan Electric Shares Co., and abandons service on all interurban railway lines serving Kalamazoo. Local streetcar system becomes subsidiary Kalamazoo Transportation Co.

1930 - Michigan Electric Shares Co. becomes separate company from Union Railway Gas & Electric Co.

1932 - Kalamazoo Transportation Co. abandons streetcar system. Kalamazoo Motor Coach Co. begins operating replacement bus service.

1936 - National City Lines acquires Kalamazoo Motor Coach Co., becomes Kalamazoo City Lines.

1957 - Kalamazoo City Lines leased by city.

1967 - Kalamazoo City Lines becomes publicly owned Metro Transit.

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