1903 - Streetcar service introduced by Kenosha Electric Railway Co.

1912 - Acquired by The Milwaukee Electric Railway & Light Co., becomes part of new subsidiary Wisconsin Gas & Electric Co. The Milwaukee Electric Railway and Light Company was controlled by the North American Co.

1932 - Streetcars replaced with trolleybuses.

1942 - Kenosha transit operation sold to Kenosha Motor Coach Co.

1948 - Kenosha Motor Coach Co. sold to Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee Railroad.

1952 - Trolleybuses discontinued

1962 - Kenosha Motor Coach Co. sold to Lakeshore Transit Kenosha, Inc.

1969 - Lakeshore Transit Kenosha ceases operations after strike, subsidized bus service assumed by Pathfinder City Transit Lines, Inc.

1971 - Bus service taken over by city as Kenosha Transit.

2000 - Kenosha Streetcar Circulator line opens in downtown Kenosha.

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