1898 - Interurban railway line opens between Elkhart and Goshen, operated by Indiana Electric Railway Co. subsidiary Elkhart Goshen & Southern Railway Co.

1899 - Indiana Electric Railway Co., Elkhart Goshen & Southern Railway Co., South Bend Street Railway Co., General Power & Quick Transit Co., and South Bend & Elkhart Railway Co. consolidated into Indiana Railway Co. New interurban railway opens between Mishawaka and Elkhart later that year, resulting in a single company operating all electric railways from South Bend through Mishawaka and Elkhart to Goshen.

1903 - Chicago & South Shore Railway Co. opens interurban railway line between Michigan City and La Porte.

1903 - Interurban line opens from South Bend to Niles, Michigan, operated by Indiana Railway Co. subsidiary South Bend & Southern Michigan Railway Co.

1905 - Indiana Railway Co. combined with Chicago & South Shore Railway Co., forming Northern Indiana Railway Co.

1906 - South Bend & Southern Michigan Railway Co. line completed from Niles to St. Joseph, Michigan.

1907 - Northern Indiana Railway Co. sold to Chicago South Bend & Northern Indiana Railway Co., although the system would continue to be known by the public as "Northern Indiana".

1908 - Interurban railway line completed between South Bend and La Porte.

1910 - St. Joseph Valley Traction Co. opens interurban line between Elkhart and Bristol. From 1910 to 1912, and from 1917 to 1918, line leased by Chicago South Bend & Northern Indiana Railway.

1918 - St. Joseph Valley line abandoned.

1934 - All interurban railway service abandoned, replaced with buses.

Interurban Timetables

Schedules of Northern Indiana Railway interurban lines, from the August 1923 Russell's Official Eastern States Railway Guide. These scanned images may take a while to download.

Interurban Buses - Northern Indiana Railway, and successor Northern Indiana Transit after 1940, operated local buses replacing the interurban railways from South Bend to Elkhart/Goshen and Niles. Service from South Bend through to St. Joseph/Benton Harbor, and between South Bend and La Porte, was assumed by Greyhound. In 1960, Indiana Motor Bus assumed operation over those routes. For a while, local bus service between La Porte and Michigan City was operated by Suburban Transit. Eventually Indiana Motor Bus became the only operator between La Porte and Michigan City. By the 1970's, many Indiana Motor Bus routes operated less than once a day. Finally, with the deregulation of the intercity bus industry in the 1980's, all of this local bus service ended.

In 2009, it became possible once again to travel between South Bend and Elkhart, when the growing local bus system in Elkhart extended a route to Mishawaka, where a connection is available with a local South Bend bus.

In 2015, the "Transit Triangle" began operating interurban bus service in La Porte County, connecting Michigan City, La Porte, and Westville.

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