1886 - Horse car service introduced in Michigan City by Citizens Street Railway Co. on Franklin Street, and west on 9th Street and on Willard Avenue.

1892 - Lake Cities Electric Railway Co. assumes operation of Michigan City streetcar system.

1893 - Electric streetcars replace horse cars in Michigan City.

1902 - Lake Cities Electric Railway Co. sold to Michigan City Traction Co. A second streetcar line is constructed on 9th Street east of Franklin Street, and on Michigan St.

1903 - Chicago & South Shore Railway opens interurban railway line between Michigan City and La Porte. Local service in La Porte also provided by interurban line.

1905 - Chicago & South Shore Railway Co. combined with Indiana Railway Co., forming Northern Indiana Railway Co.

1906 - Michigan City Traction Co. acquired by Northern Indiana Railway Co.

1907 - Michigan City's third local streetcar route is introduced on Franklin Street south of 9th Street, using trackage of interurban line to La Porte.

1907 - Northern Indiana Railway Co. sold to Chicago South Bend & Northern Indiana Railway Co., although the system would continue to be known by the public as "Northern Indiana".

1907 - First segment of Goshen South Bend & Chicago Railroad Co. opens between La Porte and South La Porte, 5 miles. The Goshen, South Bend & Chicago Railroad Co. was owned by the Chicago-New York Electric Airline Railroad, which had ambitious plans to construct an electric railway between Chicago and New York. Line through La Porte was completely separate from the Northern Indiana Railway.

1908 - Interurban railway line completed between South Bend and La Porte. Local streetcars added in La Porte.

1917 - Goshen South Bend & Chicago Railroad Co. abandoned.

1918 - Local streetcars discontinued in La Porte, with local service provided by interurban cars. New local bus service introduced in La Porte by Jahns Bus Co.

1930 - Chicago South Bend & Northern Indiana Railway Co. sold to Northern Indiana Railway, Inc.

1932 - Streetcars discontinued in Michigan City. Yellow Transportation Co. would be the first of various bus operators in Michigan City over the next 23 years, with Michigan City Transit Lines as the operator after World War II.

1938 - Maple City Lines begins operation of local bus service in La Porte, a few years after the demise of the Jahns Bus Co.

1955 - City assumes operation of local buses in Michigan City, now known as Michigan City Municipal Coach. The present bus system bears little resemblance to the old streetcar system.

1956 - Maple City Lines ceases operation, leaving La Porte without local transit service.

1973 - City of La Porte begins operation of local buses, now known as TransPorte.

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