1886 - Horse car service introduced in Elkhart on Main Street by Citizens' Street Railway Co. Line also operates east on Middlebury. A second line operates west on Marion and on Franklin.

1887 - Line extended west on Beardsley, and south reaching connection with Marion and Franklin line.

1889 - Electric streetcars replace horse cars.

1891 - Citizens' Street Railway Co. merged with electric utility Elkhart Electric Light Co., forming Elkhart Electric & Railway Co.

1894 - Elkhart Electric & Railway Co. sold to Indiana Electric Railway Co. Streetcar service introduced in Goshen.

1898 - Interurban railway line opens between Elkhart and Goshen, operated by Indiana Electric Railway Co. subsidiary Elkhart Goshen & Southern Railway Co.

1899 - Indiana Electric Railway Co., Elkhart Goshen & Southern Railway Co., South Bend Street Railway Co., General Power & Quick Transit Co., and South Bend & Elkhart Railway Co. consolidated into Indiana Railway Co. New interurban railway opens between Mishawaka and Elkhart later that year, resulting in a single company operating all electric railways from South Bend through Mishawaka and Elkhart to Goshen.

1905 - Indiana Railway Co. combined with Chicago & South Shore Railway Co., forming Northern Indiana Railway Co.

1907 - Northern Indiana Railway Co. sold to Chicago South Bend & Northern Indiana Railway Co., although the system would continue to be known by the public as "Northern Indiana".

1910 - St. Joseph Valley Traction Co. opens interurban line between Elkhart and Bristol. From 1910 to 1912, and from 1917 to 1918, line leased by Chicago South Bend & Northern Indiana Railway.

1918 - St. Joseph Valley line abandoned.

1928 - Goshen streetcars discontinued.

1930 - Chicago South Bend & Northern Indiana Railway Co. sold to Northern Indiana Railway, Inc.

1931 - Elkhart streetcars discontinued. A new company, Elkhart Motor Coach Corporation, introduces replacement buses. Elkhart Motor Coach Corporation continued to operate into the 1960's.

1999 - Fixed route bus service begins operation between Elkhart and Goshen, after a period when the only transit service in area was a dial a ride service.

2009 - Bus route introduced between Elkhart and Mishawaka, connecting with public transportation in South Bend.

In addition, according to the 1952 "Mass Transportation's Directory", there existed a company Goshen Motor Coach Corp., providing city service, and a company Garman Coach Line, serving Goshen, Dunlap, Elkhart. Also, the Middlebury Bus Line connected Goshen with Middlebury and Topeka.

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