(Chicago & Joliet Electric Railway)
(Joliet City Lines)
(Bluebird Coach Lines)
(Joliet Mass Transit District)
(Pace Heritage Division)

1885 - Joliet Street Railway Co. introduces horse car service.

1892 - first electric streetcar service operated by Joliet Street Railway Co.

1896 - Joliet Railway Co. incorporated, acquiring Joliet Street Railway Co.

1898 - Joliet Railroad Co. incorporated, acquiring Joliet Railway Co.

1901 - Chicago & Joliet Electric Railway Co. incorporated, as a consolidation of the Joliet Railroad Co., the Chicago and Joliet Rapid Transit Co., and the Chicago and Desplaines Valley Electric Railway Co., and completing interurban line to Cicero Avenue in Chicago. Chicago & Joliet Electric Railway Co. would be a subsidiary of American Railways Co., controlled by Electric Bond & Shares Co.

1922 - Chicago & Joliet Electric Railway Co. forms subsidiary Chicago & Joliet Transportation Co., to operate buses. First route was a feeder from Lockport to Stateville Prison.

1923 - subsidiary Chicago & Joliet Transportation Co. introduces first local bus route in Joliet.

1924 - Chicago & Joliet Electric Railway Co. sold to Middle West Utilities Co., controlled by Samuel Insull.

1927 - Stateville Prison bus route discontinued.

1928 - Chicago & Joliet Transportation Co. introduces bus route between Chicago and Joliet, operating primarily via US Route 66 (Joliet Road).

1932 - Samuel Insull resigns from Middle West Utilities Co.

1933 - interurban railway service discontinued between Argo and Lockport and replaced with buses operated by Chicago & Joliet Transportation Co., leaving just Joliet-Lockport and Argo-Chicago segments still with railway service.

1934 - conversion completed of all local routes in Joliet to buses. Bus system renamed Joliet City Lines when acquired by Rex Finance Corporation, a predecessor to National City Lines. Argo-Chicago local cars discontinued, replaced with Chicago Surface Lines bus route on Archer Avenue.

1936 - Joliet City Lines acquired by the newly formed National City Lines.

1936 - Bluebird Coach Lines acquires interurban bus routes from Chicago & Joliet Transportation Co.

1942 - Bluebird Coach Lines introduces new bus routes between downtown Chicago and western suburbs, eventually reaching Hillside and Oak Brook.

1955 - Bluebird Coach Lines acquires route between Chicago and Aurora from Burlington Trailways. From 1927 to 1930, this route had been operated by Western Motor Coach Co., a subsidiary of the Chicago Aurora and Elgin Railroad. Route was sold in 1930 to Cannon Ball Motor Transportation Co., which in 1935 became part of Burlington Transportation Co., later Burlington Trailways.

1965 - Bluebird Coach Lines operations sold to newly formed West Suburban Transit Lines. Aurora bus route discontinued.

1970 - Joliet City Lines closes down after a strike, and the city owned Joliet Mass Transit District assumes operations of local buses within Joliet.

1973 - West Suburban Transit Lines ceases operations after a strike. Interurban bus routes taken over by Valley Transit Corp., later by S.W.I.F.T. (South West Interurban Fast Transit, Inc.) and later by Joliet Mass Transit District. Hillside routes absorbed into West Towns Bus Co. routes.

1975 - original interurban bus route assumed by Joliet Mass Transit District.

1978 - US Route 66 interurban bus route assumed by Joliet Mass Transit District.

1990 - Joliet Mass Transit District becomes Pace Heritage Division.

1994 - US Route 66 interurban bus route discontinued.

2008 - original interurban bus route discontinued.

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