(Chicago and Interurban Traction Co.)
(South Suburban Safeway Lines)
(Pace South Division)

1893 - incorporated as Englewood and Chicago Electric Railway Co., operating battery powered streetcars within city of Chicago.

1897 - line completed south to Blue Island.

1898 - sold to Chicago Electric Traction Co. Also that year, Chicago Electric Traction Co. acquired Harvey Transit Co.

1899 - line completed south to Harvey.

1901 - line converted to electric operation.

1904 - sold to Chicago and Southern Traction Co.

1907 - interurban line to Kankakee completed.

1911 - segment in suburbs sold to newly incorporated Chicago and Interurban Traction Co., and segment within city of Chicago sold to Chicago City Railway Co. Chicago and Interurban Traction Co. was controlled by Samuel Insull.

1922 - Chicago and Interurban Traction Co. no longer controlled by Insull.

1922 - competing bus routes exist between Blue Island and Harvey, and between Chicago Heights and Kankakee, operated by unknown companies.

1924 - Kankakee-Grant Park Bus Line introduces bus service between those towns, via Momence. E. N. Betourne Bus Line introduces bus service between Kankakee and Watseka, also via Momence.

1927 - Chicago and Interurban Traction Co. ceases operations in after losing passengers to competing Illinois Central Railroad, which had electrified the year before. Bus service between Chicago and Kankakee introduced by Illinois Roadway Lines, controlled by South Suburban Motor Coach.

1928 - E. N. Betourne Bus Line extended south to Danville.

1929 - Kankakee-Grant Park Bus Line extended north to Beecher. South Suburban Motor Coach acquires control of Kankakee-Grant Park Bus Line and E. N. Betourne Bus Line. Through bus route formed between Chicago and Danville, jointly operated by the South Suburban Motor Coach subsidiaries Illinois Roadway Lines, Kankakee-Grant Park Bus Line, and E. N. Betourne Bus Line. Service between Kankakee and Momence assumed by Safe Way Lines, a new South Suburban Motor Coach subsidiary.

1930 - E. N. Betourne Bus Line restructures Chicago to Danville intercity service to include dedicated buses operating north of Momence to Chicago, not carrying local passengers. South Suburban Motor Coach would continue local operation north of Kankakee, consolidating subsidiaries Illinois Roadway Lines and Kankakee-Grant Park Bus Line into the main company.

1932 - E. N. Betourne Bus Line sold to Southern Limited, the only intercity bus company which would eventually be owned by National City Lines.

1933 - South Suburban Motor Coach reorganized as South Suburban Safeway Lines.

1935 - South Suburban Safeway Lines service between Crete and Kankakee sold to Southern Limited. Crete would remain the most southern point served by South Suburban Safeway Lines until the end of private ownership.

1954 - Southern Limited sold to Greyhound.

1983 - South Suburban Safeway Lines acquired by Regional Transportation Authority, managed by ATE.

1985 - Pace assumes direct operation of what becomes the Pace South Division.

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