Smaller Trailways bus companies, which did not have maps included in the Russell's Official National Motor Coach Guide.

Capitol Bus Co./Capitol Trailways
Incorporated 1934 as Capitol Bus Co., in 1948 joined Trailways. Operated between Harrisburg and Wilkes Barre and over expanded network.

Bremerton-Tacoma Stages/Cascade Trailways
In 1972 joined Trailways. Operated between Bremerton and Tacoma.

De Luxe Motor Stages/De Luxe Trailways
Formed during 1930's, during late 1930's joined Trailways. Operated from Chicago to Decatur and St. Louis.

Western New York Motor Lines/Empire Trailways
Incorporated 1924 as Western New York Motor Lines, sold 1958 to Rochester-Penfield Bus Co. which had been incorporated 1934, merged company adopted name Western New York Motor Lines, in 1962 joined Trailways, officially renamed 1981 to Empire Trailways, sold 1994 to New York Trailways.

North Bend Stage Line/Evergreen Trailways
Formed 1921, in 1939 joined Trailways, renamed in 1946 to Evergreen Trailways Inc., in 1991 became Northwestern Trailways. Operated from Seattle to Skykomish.

Frank Martz Coach Co./Martz Trailways
Incorporated 1927, in 1936 joined Trailways. Operated from New York and Philadephia to Scranton and Wilkes Barre.

Blue Way Lines/Trailways of New England
Incorporated in 1922 as Blue Way Lines, in 1936 joined Trailways under name Blue Way Trailways, renamed in 1941 to Trailways of New England, sold in 1957 to Transcontinental Bus System/Continental Trailways. Operated between Boston and New York.

Zane Transit Lines/Ohio Trailways
Incorporated 1920's as Zane Transit Lines, in 1956 joined Trailways and renamed Ohio Trailways, sold 1976 to Garfield Heights Coach Line. Operated between Wooster and Zanesville and over expanded network.

Reading Transportation Co./Reading Trailways
Formed 1927 as bus subsidiary of Reading Railroad, in 1955 joined Trailways, sold 1964 to various other Trailways companies. Served Philadelphia, Allentown, Reading, Shamokin, Harrisburg and Lancaster.

Service Stages/Service Stages Trailways
In 1945 joined Trailways, sold 1952 to Crescent Stages/Crescent Trailways, sold 1953 to Transcontinental Bus System/Continental Trailways. Operated between Atlanta and Gadsden.

Southern Stages/Southern Trailways
Formed 1930, in 1949 joined Trailways (the second "Southern Trailways" company), sold 1968 to Transcontinental Bus System/Continental Trailways. Operated from Augusta and Macon to Columbus and Americus GA.

West Coast Bus Lines/West Coast Trailways
Incorporated 1938, in 1938 joined Trailways, sold 1948 to Transcontinental Bus System/Continental Trailways. Operated from Seattle and Portland to San Francisco.

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