Incorporated in 1929, renamed in 1930 from Pacific Transportation Securities, evolving from the following companies:

California Transit Co.
Incorporated in 1921, and in 1925 acquired Valley Transit Co., which had been incorporated in 1920.

Operated from Sacramento to San Francisco, and Los Angeles via valley route.

Southern Pacific Motor Transportation Co.
Formed in 1927 as a bus subsidiary of Southern Pacific Railroad.

Operated routes in California and Oregon connecting with Southern Pacific Railroad.

Pickwick Stages
Incorporated in 1912.

Southern Division began operating in 1912 from San Diego to Los Angeles, and Northern Division began operating in 1918 from Los Angeles to San Francisco via coast route. In 1925, acquired West Coast Transit Co. extending north of San Francisco to Portland, and Borderland Transit Co. extending east from San Diego via Phoenix to El Paso.

Pacific Auto Stages
Incorporated in 1930.

Operated from San Francisco to San Jose.

The above companies were merged in 1929 into Pacific Transportation Securities, which became Pacific Greyhound Lines.

In 1933, Pacific Greyhound Lines acquired routes from the following companies:

Pickwick-Greyhound Lines
Formed in 1929 as a company jointly owned by Pickwick Stages and Greyhound. In 1932, Pickwick-Greyhound Lines was renamed Western Greyhound Lines. And in 1933, Western Greyhound Lines was merged into Southwestern Greyhound Lines.

Formed in 1925 as a group of independent operators, in a failed attempt to operate a transcontinental bus system. Routes eventually assumed by various Greyhound companies, including by Pickwick-Greyhound Lines in 1929.

Operated from Salt Lake City to San Francisco, and from Albuquerque and Phoenix to Los Angeles.

Pacific Greyhound Lines subsequently acquired the following companies:

Golden Gate Stages
Incorporated in 1925, acquired in 1936.

Based in Santa Rosa.

Kern County Transportation Corp.
Incorporated in 1920, acquired in 1936.

Operated from Bakersfield to Taft.

Peninsula Rapid Transit Co.
Incorporated in 1914, acquired in 1936.

Operated from San Francisco to Palo Alto.

Union Auto Transportation Co.
Incorporated in 1917, acquired in 1936.

Operated from San Mateo to Palo Alto.

Pierce-Arrow Stage Lines
Began operations 1921, acquired in 1941.

Operated from Sacramento to Lake Tahoe.

Napa Valley Bus Co.
Formed in 1926 as a bus subsidiary of San Francisco & Napa Valley Railroad, acquired in 1942.

Based in Napa.

Inland Stages
Incorporated in 1933, acquired in 1947.

Operated from Los Angeles to Reno primarily via US Hwy. 395.

OC&N Stages
Incorporated in 1930, acquired in 1948.

Operated from Klamath Falls to Reno.

Air Line Bus Co.
Acquired in 1951.

Operated from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

Oregon Motor Stages
Formed in 1927 as a bus subsidiary of Southern Pacific Railroad, acquired in 1954.

Operated from Portland to Seaside.

From 1930 to 1956, Southern Pacific Railroad had partial ownership.

Pacific Greyhound Lines consolidated in 1957 into Western Division of Greyhound.

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