Incorporated in 1929, acquiring Northland Transportation Co. Northland Transportation Co. was incorporated in 1924, and formed primarily out of the following companies:

Mesaba Transportation Co.
Incorporated in 1915, acquired in 1924. The primary predecessor to Northland Transportation Co., and the earliest bus company to evolve to the Greyhound system.

Operated from Hibbing MN to Grand Rapids, Duluth, and Bear River.

White Bus Lines
Incorporated in 1922, acquired in 1925.

Operated from Duluth to Grand Marais and Virginia and Minneapolis.

Jefferson Highway Transportation Co.
Acquired in 1925, northern routes only.

Operated from Minneapolis to Fargo and Bemidji and Grand Rapids.

Northland Transportation Co. also acquired numerous smaller companies shortly after its formation.

Northland Greyhound Lines subsequently acquired the following companies:

Royal Rapid Transit Co.
Incorporated in 1925, and was controlled by Greyhound predecessor Motor Transit Co. Also known as Northland Greyhound Lines of Illinois. Acquired in 1929.

Formed a main route from Chicago to Minneapolis via US Hwy. 12. And through acquisitions and extensions, formed a main route from Chicago to Minneapolis via Rockford and Madison and La Crosse. Also operated from Rockford to Dubuque IA.

Northern Pacific Transportation Co.
Formed in 1931 as bus subsidiary of Northern Pacific Railroad. Lines in Montana acquired in 1934.

Formed part of main route through Montana via US Hwy. 10.

Wisconsin Power & Light Co.
Bus company incorporated in 1921 as Eastern Wisconsin Transportation Co., merged 1924 into Wisconsin Power & Light Co.

Route from Madison to Stevens Point acquired by Northland Greyhound Lines in 1934, remaining routes acquired in 1945.

Along with route from Madison to Stevens Point, operated various routes from Milwaukee and Madison to Green Bay.

Wisconsin Motor Bus Lines
Formed in 1922 as bus subsidiary of The Milwaukee Electric Railway & Light Co.

(Further information on the electric interurban railway predecessor.)

Acquired by Northland Greyhound Lines in 1947. Earlier, Wisconsin Motor Bus Lines had sold some routes to Midland Coach Lines (below), acquired by Northland Greyhound Lines in 1949.

Operated routes mainly radiating from Milwaukee.

Midland Coach Lines
Between 1934 and 1939 acquired routes from Wisconsin Motor Bus Lines (above). Acquired from Midland Coach Lines by Northland Greyhound Lines in 1949.

Operated routes mainly radiating from Milwaukee.

Northland Greyhound Lines subsequently expanded further, through acquisitions and extensions, including including additional routes in Minnesota and Wisconsin, and a main route from Fargo ND to Butte MT via US Hwy. 10.

From 1925 to 1955, Great Northern Railroad had partial ownership.

Northland Greyhound Lines consolidated in 1957 into Central Division of Greyhound.

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