Incorporated in 1931, assuming operation of several routes from the following company:

Pickwick-Greyhound Lines
Formed in 1929 as a company jointly owned by Pickwick Stages and Greyhound. Pickwick Stages had been incorporated in 1912. In 1932, Pickwick-Greyhound Lines was renamed Western Greyhound Lines. And in 1933, Western Greyhound Lines was merged into Southwestern Greyhound Lines.

Through acquisitions and extensions, formed routes from Memphis to St. Louis, Birmingham, Jackson MS, and Paducah IL.

Dixie Greyhound Lines subsequently acquired the following companies:

Smith Motor Coach Corp.
Incorporated in 1925.

Operated from Memphis to Chattanooga, Nashville, and Paducah IL.

Egyptian Transportation System
Incorporated in 1920, acquired in 1934.

Operated from Springfield to Cairo, and other points in southern Illinois.

Dixie Greyhound Lines consolidated in 1954 into Southeastern Greyhound Lines, subsequently consolidated in 1960 into Southern Division of Greyhound.

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