Incorporated in 1930, evolving from the following companies:

Formed in 1925 as a group of independent operators, in a failed attempt to operate a transcontinental bus system. Routes eventually assumed by various Greyhound companies, including by Capitol Greyhound Lines in 1930.

Operated from Washington DC to St. Louis primarily via US Hwy. 50.

Midland Trail Bus Line
Incorporated in 1924, acquired in 1934.

Through acquisitions and extensions, formed a main route from Vincennes IN to St. Louis via US Hwy. 50. Acquisition by Capitol Greyhound Lines enabled intrastate rights in Illinois.

Peninsula Transit Corp.
Incorporated in 1919, acquired in 1940, one route only, remainder to Richmond Greyhound Lines in 1941.

Operated from Annapolis to Washington DC.

Capitol Greyhound Lines consolidated in 1955 into Eastern Division of Greyhound.

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