1948 MAP

Incorporated in 1926 as Burlington Rapid Transit Co., initially operating local buses in Burlington. And in 1929 acquiring the streetcar operator Burlington Traction Co. and replacing the streetcars with buses.

Subsequently acquired the following company:

Yellow Bus Line
Acquired in 1929.

Operated from Burlington to Barre.

Renamed in 1937 to Vermont Transit Co.

Subsequently acquired the following companies:

Ward's Bus Lines
Acquired in 1938.

Operated from Rutland to Albany NY.

Burlington Bus Co.
Acquired in 1939.

Operated from Burlington to Essex Jct.

Frontier Coach Lines
Acquired in 1941.

Operated from Burlington to Boston.

Bee Line
Acquired in 1939 by Frontier Coach Lines (above).

Operated from White River Jct. to Springfield MA.

Northeast Bus Lines
Acquired in 1957, in 1955 had acquired Greenwood Bus Line.

Operated from Newport to White River Jct. and Montpelier.

White River Coach Lines
Acquired in 1967, in 1946 had succeeded Rutland-White River Line.

Operated from Rutland to White River Jct.

In 1975, Vermont Transit Co. became a subsidiary of Greyhound, and in 2008 was fully consolidated into Greyhound.

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