Overland Greyhound Lines and Burlington Trailways were the most significant bus companies in Wyoming. Those two companies were affiliated with the Union Pacific Railroad and the Chicago Burlington & Quincy Railroad respectively, the most significant railroads operating in the state.

1976 MAP

Color coded map shows intercity bus routes in existence in 1976.

Blue indicates Greyhound, red indicates Trailways. Additional colors indicate significant independent bus companies, and are identified with labels. Black indicates smaller independent companies.

Thin blue or red lines indicate routes which were once part of Greyhound or Trailways, but later transferred to independent bus companies.

US    2005/1976     Cities    Greyhound or   Year     Original   Year     Consol-
Hwy.  Russell's     Served    Trailways      Intro-   Company    Consol-  idated
No.   Guide                   Company or     duced               idated   Company
      Table                   Division

 14 4690 8506  Gillette-Sheridan         BTC(T)        Black H.-Bill.   1940 BTC
 14            Sheridan-Cody             BTC(T)
 16      8506  Newcastle-Gillette        BTC(T)        Black H.-Bill.   1940 BTC
 16 4689 8505  Worland-Greybull          BTC(T)        Royal Coach      1935 BTC
 18            Lusk-Orin                       Prairie Motorways
 20            Chadron-Casper                  Prairie Motorways
 20 4689 8505  Casper-Worland            BTC(T)        Royal Coach      1935 BTC
 26            Torrington-Dwyer Jct.     BTC(T)
 26            Casper-Riverton                 Robinson Transportation Co.
 30  360  550  Cheyenne-Laramie          OGL     1927  ---------------  1927 YEL
 30  360  550  Laramie-Green River WY    OGL     1927  ---------------  1927 YEL
 30 4691 8553  Cheyenne-Green River WY   BTC(T)  1935  ---------------  1935 BTC
 85      8508  Deadwood SD-Cheyenne      BTC(T)        Platte Valley    1937 BTC
 87      8506  Sheridan-Casper           BTC(T)        Salt Cr. Ftwys.       BTC
 87 4689 8505  Casper-Cheyenne           BTC(T)        Royal Coach      1935 BTC
 89      4556  Jackson-Afton                   Star Valley-Jackson Stages
189            Kemmerer-Evanston         BTC(T)
191      4555  Jackson-Rock Springs      BTC(T)
  S 4689 4589  Deaver-Cody               BTC(T)  1942  ---------------  1942 BTC

Russell's Guide Table Numbers

Greyhound tables had numbers below 700, while Trailways tables had numbers above 7000. Table numbers in between were independent bus companies. Although Greyhound Lines of Canada, not covered here, had tables numbered in the low 700's.

Where no table number is indicated, service had been discontinued by then.

Further clues on Greyhound or Trailways affiliations are the presence of a "G" or a "T" in a company abbreviation. Trailways company abbreviations are followed by a "(T)". While abbreviations of certain Greyhound companies not obviously "Greyhound" in name are followed by a "(G)".

Over the years, certain Greyhound or Trailways routes were sold to the following independent bus companies, identified by the following Russell's Guide table numbers.

4555       Jackson-Rock Springs Stages
4589       Cody Bus Lines
4682-4691  Powder River Transportation


Overland Greyhound Lines (OGL) - incorporated 1952, acquiring Union Pacific Stages and Interstate Transit Lines. Interstate Transit Lines had been incorporated in 1921, and was acquired in 1929 by Union Pacific Railroad and Chicago & North Western Railroad as a joint bus subsidiary. And Union Pacific Stages had been formed in formed in 1927 as a bus subsidiary of Union Pacific Railroad. In 1932, Interstate Transit Lines and Union Pacific Stages acquired most of the routes operated by Pickwick-Greyhound Lines (PIG). Pickwick-Greyhound Lines had been formed in 1928 as a company jointly owned by Pickwick Stages and Greyhound, and was dissolved in 1933. Many of the Pickwick-Greyhound routes had been acquired in 1929 from Yelloway (YEL), which had been formed in 1925 as a group of independent operators to operate a transcontinental bus system. But competing service was introduced in 1929 by Interstate Transit Lines. In 1943, both Interstate Transit Lines and Union Pacific Stages began operating under name Overland Greyhound Lines. Consolidated 1956 into Northland Greyhound Lines, consolidated 1957 into Central Division of Greyhound.


Burlington Transportation Co./Burlington Trailways (BTC) - formed 1929 as bus subsidiary of Chicago Burlington & Quincy Railroad, in 1936 joined Trailways, sold 1946 to American Buslines, sold 1953 to Transcontinental Bus System/Continental Trailways.

In 1963, Transcontinental Bus System/Continental Trailways acquired Salt Creek Freightways, operating between Sheridan and Casper.


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