Atlantic Greyhound Lines, Carolina Scenic Trailways, and Queen City Trailways were the most significant bus companies in South Carolina. Atlantic Greyhound Lines buses eventually replaced an Interurban Railway, indicated in CAPITAL LETTERS.

1976 MAP

Color coded map shows intercity bus routes in existence in 1976.

Blue indicates Greyhound, red indicates Trailways. Additional colors indicate significant independent bus companies, and are identified with labels. Black indicates smaller independent companies.

Thin blue or red lines indicate routes which were once part of Greyhound or Trailways, but later transferred to independent bus companies.

(map also includes North Carolina)

US    2005/1976     Cities    Greyhound or   Year     Original   Year     Consol-
Hwy.  Russell's     Served    Trailways      Intro-   Company    Consol-  idated
No.   Guide                   Company or     duced               idated   Company
      Table                   Division

  1      8023  Rockingham NC-Cheraw      QCC(T)
  1       160  Cheraw-Camden             AGL           Hayes Bus Lines  1927 AGNC
  1 2792  160  Camden-Columbia SC        AGL           Hayes Bus Lines  1927 AGNC
  I            AIKIN SC-AUGUSTA GA           1902-1929  AUGUSTA-AIKIN
  1 2792  161  Columbia SC-Augusta GA    AGL           Hayes Bus Lines  1927 AGNC
  1      8071  Columbia SC-Augusta GA    CSC(T)
 15            Bennettsville-Walterboro  AGL                                 ECS
 17  402  151  Wilmington NC-Charleston  AGL           Safety Transit   1932 ECS
 17  400  160  Charleston SC-Savannah    AGL           Thompson Trans.  1928 AGNC
 21  401  310  Charlotte-Columbia        AGL           White Bus Lines  1927 AGNC
 21  401  163  Columbia-Yemassee         AGL
 21       163  Yemassee-Parris Island    AGL
 25       360  Greenville-Augusta GA     AGL           Shipman & Wilk.  1930 SKYS
 29  424  200  Gastonia NC-Greenville    AGL           Queen City       1930 OSL
 29      7960  Gastonia NC-Anderson      CSC(T)
 52       160  Charleston-Society Hill   AGL           Thompson Trans.  1928 AGNC
 52      8023  Florence-Cheraw           QCC(T)
 76  400  160  Florence-Columbia         AGL     1923  Hayes Bus Lines  1927 AGNC
 76      8000  Sumter-Columbia           CSC(T)
 76       360  Columbia SC-Laurens       AGL           Hayes Bus Lines  1931 AGNC
 78      2792  Charleston-Augusta GA           Southeastern Stages
176            Charleston-St. Matthews   AGL
176            St. Matthews-Columbia     AGL           White Bus Lines  1927 AGNC
176      8073  Charleston-Santee         (T)
176      8073  St. Matthews-Columbia     (T)
176      8073  Jonesville-Spartanburg    CSC(T)
176  427 8073  Spartanburg-Hendersonv.   CSC(T)
178 2792  360  Charleston-North SC       AGL           White Bus Lines  1927 AGNC      
178            Batesburg-Greenwood       AGL
178            Greenwood-Anderson              Carolina Stages
178      8024  Saluda-Anderson           CSC(T)
178            Anderson-Rosman NC        SMS(T)
221            Cliffside-Spartanburg     CSC(T)
221            Spartanburg-Greenwood     CSC(T)
221            Greenwood-Augusta GA      AGL
276       360  Laurens-Greenville        AGL           Hayes Bus Lines  1931 AGNC
276            Greenville-Brevard NC     AGL           Greenv.-Brevard
278      2792  Savannah-Augusta GA             Southeastern Stages
278      8000  Williston-Augusta GA      QCC(T)
301  400 8000  Rowland NC-Santee         QCC(T)
301      8000  Santee-Orangeburg         QCC(T)
301            Orangeburg-Sylvania GA    SCL(T)  1940's---------------       SCL
321            Gastonia NC-Chester       SMS(T)
321            Chester-Columbia          AGL           White Bus Lines  1927 AGNC
321 2792  360  Columbia-North SC         AGL           White Bus Lines  1927 AGNC
321       310  Columbia SC-Savannah      AGL     1937  ---------------  1937 AGL
378            Myrtle Beach-Sumter       QCC(T)
378      8024  Columbia-Saluda           CSC(T)
378            Saluda-McCormick          AGL
401      8000  Darlington-Sumter         CSC(T)
501            Rowland NC-Marion SC      QCC(T)
501  402 8010  Marion-Myrtle Beach       QCC(T)
521       162  Charlotte-Georgetown      AGL           Stokes Bus Line  1939 AGL
601            Monroe NC-Pageland        QCC(T)
601            St. Matthews-Orangeburg   AGL           White Bus Lines  1927 AGNC
601  SES 8073  St. Matthews-Orangeburg   (T)
601            Orangeburg-Ridgeland            Hall Bus Line
601      8000  Orangeburg-Savannah       CSC(T)
701            Conway-Georgetown         AGL
  S       160  Bennettsville-Cheraw      AGL           Hayes Bus Lines  1927 AGNC
  S      8071  Charlotte-Columbia        CSC(T)
  S      8073  Chester-Jonesville        CSC(T)
  S            Chimney Rock-Spartanburg  CSC(T)
  S            Spartanburg-Augusta GA    CSC(T)
  S            Union-Fort Mill           CSC(T)
  S            Rutherfordton-Greenville  CSC(T)
  S            Shelby NC-Spartanburg     CSC(T)
  S      8000  Orangeburg-Williston      QCC(T)
  S            Marion-Ocean Drive        QCC(T)
  S            Charlotte-Newberry        QCC(T)
  S            Lancaster-Sumter          QCC(T)
  S            Bennettsville-Dillon      QCC(T)
  S      8038  Florence-Charleston       (T)
  S            Charlotte-Augusta         SMS(T)
  S            Charlotte-Blacksburg      SMS(T)
  S            Charlotte-Pendleton       SMS(T)
  S            Greenville-Walhalla       SMS(T)

Russell's Guide Table Numbers

Greyhound tables had numbers below 700, while Trailways tables had numbers above 7000. Table numbers in between were independent bus companies. Although Greyhound Lines of Canada, not covered here, had tables numbered in the low 700's.

Where no table number is indicated, service had been discontinued by then.

Further clues on Greyhound or Trailways affiliations are the presence of a "G" or a "T" in a company abbreviation. Trailways company abbreviations are followed by a "(T)". While abbreviations of certain Greyhound companies not obviously "Greyhound" in name are followed by a "(G)".

Over the years, certain Greyhound or Trailways routes were sold to Southeastern Stages, identified by Russell's Guide table numbers 2792-2799.


Atlantic Greyhound Lines (AGL) - incorporated 1936 as merger of Atlantic Greyhound Lines of North Carolina (AGNC), East Coast Stages (ECS), Old South Lines (OSL), Skyland Stages (SKYS), and several other companies. Consolidated 1960 into Southern Division of Greyhound. Atlantic Greyhound Lines of North Carolina had been formed in 1925 as Camel City Coach Co., renamed in 1931 to Atlantic Greyhound Lines of North Carolina. And Skyland Stages was incorporated in 1930.


Carolina Scenic Coach Lines/Carolina Scenic Trailways (CSC) - in 1938 joined Trailways, sold 1973 to Continental Trailways.

Queen City Coach/Queen City Trailways (QCC) - in 1939 joined Trailways, sold 1966 to Transcontinental Bus System/Continental Trailways.

Service Coach Lines/Service Coach Trailways (SCL) - in 1948 joined Trailways, sold 1975 to Transcontinental Bus System/Continental Trailways.

Smoky Mountain Stages/Smoky Mountain Trailways (SMS) - in 1938 joined Trailways, sold 1956 to Transcontinental Bus System/Continental Trailways.


Maps and further information on the significant independent bus companies, serving South Carolina.

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