Santa Fe Trailways was the most significant bus company in Oklahoma, while Greyhound had a smaller presence. Santa Fe Trailways was affiliated with the Santa Fe Railway, the most significant railroad operating in the state.

1976 MAP

Color coded map shows intercity bus routes in existence in 1976.

Blue indicates Greyhound, red indicates Trailways. Additional colors indicate significant independent bus companies, and are identified with labels. Black indicates smaller independent companies.

Thin blue or red lines indicate routes which were once part of Greyhound or Trailways, but later transferred to independent bus companies.

US    2005/1976     Cities    Greyhound or   Year     Original   Year     Consol-
Hwy.  Russell's     Served    Trailways      Intro-   Company    Consol-  idated
No.   Guide                   Company or     duced               idated   Company
      Table                   Division

 54      8392  Liberal KS-Texhoma        SFT(T)
 59            Poteau-Mena AR                  Earl Transportation Co.
 60      8428  Seneca MO-Vinita          SFT(T)
 60            Vinita-Pawhuska           SFT(T)
 60       768  Pawhuska-Ponca City       SFT(T)
 60            Ponca City-Tonkawa        SFT(T)
 60            Tonkawa-Higgins TX              Mid Continent Coaches
 62      8431  Fayetteville AR-Muskogee  SFT(T)        Wardway Lines    1930 SKS
 62  755 8358  Muskogee-Oklahoma City    SFT(T)
 62       781  Oklahoma City-Altus             Mid Continent Coaches
 62            Altus-Childress                 Mid Continent Coaches
 64  755 8358  Fort Smith-Muskogee       SFT(T)        Wardway Lines    1930 SKS
 64  482 8358  Muskogee-Tulsa            SFT(T)        Wardway Lines    1930 SKS
 64       767B Tulsa-Enid                      M.K.&O. Lines
 64       778  Enid-Liberal KS                 Mid Continent Coaches
 64            Liberal KS-Guymon               Mid Continent Coaches
 66  470  576  Joplin-Oklahoma City      SWGL    1927  Pickwick Stages  1929 PIG
 66  470  577  Oklahoma City-Amarillo    SWGL    1927  Pickwick Stages  1929 PIG
 66      7800  Joplin-Oklahoma City      ABI(T)  1935  ---------------  1935 ABI
 69      8428  Vinita-Muskogee           SFT(T)
 69  482 8428  Muskogee-Durant           SFT(T)
 70      4012  Idabel-Waurika                  Jordan Bus Co.
 70            Waurika-Vernon TX               Jordan Bus Co.
 75  754  596  Caney-Tulsa               SKGL    1929  ---------------  1929 PIS
 75       575  Tulsa-Durant              SWGL          Texas-Oklahoma   1929 PIG
 77  362 8432  Arkansas C.-Oklahoma C.   SFT(T)
 77  362 8423  Oklahoma City-Ardmore     ABI(T)  1935  ---------------  1935 ABI
 81            South Haven KS-Enid             Mid Continent Coaches
 81       778  Enid-El Reno                    Mid Continent Coaches
 81            El Reno-Union City              Mid Continent Coaches
 81       775  Union City-Waurika              Oklahoma Transportation Co.
 83      8429  Liberal KS-Perryton TX    PSI(T)  1928  ---------------  1928 PSI
169       766A Coffeyville KS-Tulsa      SFT(T)
177      8423  South Haven-Ponca City    SFT(T)
177       767D Ponca City-Stillwater           M.K.&O. Lines
177            Shawnee-Sulphur                 Denco Bus Lines
183       778  Ashland KS-Frederick            Mid Continent Coaches
259            Smithville-Idabel               Baum Bus Line
266            Warner-Oklahoma City      SFT(T)
270       777  Poteau-Oklahoma City            Oklahoma Transportation Co.
270       778  Oklahoma C.-Fort Supply         Mid Continent Coaches
271       777  Fort Smith AR-Wister            Oklahoma Transportation Co.
271      4012  Hugo-Paris TX                   Jordan Bus Co.
277  754  775  Oklahoma City-Wichita F.        Mid Continent Coaches
281            Seiling-Wichita Falls           Mid Continent Coaches
283            Altus-Vernon TX                 Mid Continent Coaches
  S      8462  Oklahoma City-Amarillo    PSI(T)        Ok. C.-Ama. Bus  1929 PSI
  S      8428  Chetopa KS-Vinita         SFT(T)
  S      8432  Ponca City-Tulsa          SFT(T)
  S            Tulsa-Talequah            SFT(T)

Russell's Guide Table Numbers

Greyhound tables had numbers below 700, while Trailways tables had numbers above 7000. Table numbers in between were independent bus companies. Although Greyhound Lines of Canada, not covered here, had tables numbered in the low 700's.

Where no table number is indicated, service had been discontinued by then.

Further clues on Greyhound or Trailways affiliations are the presence of a "G" or a "T" in a company abbreviation. Trailways company abbreviations are followed by a "(T)". While abbreviations of certain Greyhound companies not obviously "Greyhound" in name are followed by a "(G)".

Over the years, certain Greyhound or Trailways routes were sold to the following independent bus companies, identified by the following Russell's Guide table numbers.

749-767  Jefferson Lines
766-774  M.K.&O. Lines


Southwestern Greyhound Lines (SWGL) - incorporated 1933 as merger of Western Greyhound Lines and two other companies, consolidated 1960 into Central Division of Greyhound. Western Greyhound Lines had been renamed in 1932 from Pickwick-Greyhound Lines (PIG), which had been formed in 1928 as a company jointly owned by Pickwick Stages and Greyhound, and fully owned by Greyhound in 1932. Pickwick Stages (PIS) had been incorporated in 1912, and certain routes were transferred to Pickwick-Greyhound Lines after formation of the joint company.

Southern Kansas Greyhound Lines (SWGL) - incorporated 1932 as joint operation with Southern Kansas Stage Lines, which had previously operated service competing with Pickwick-Greyhound Lines. Pickwick routes transferred to Southern Kansas Greyhound Lines after its formation. Reorganized 1970's as KG Lines.


American Buslines (ABI) - incorporated 1935 as All American Bus Lines, renamed 1946 to American Buslines and joined Trailways, sold 1953 to Transcontinental Bus System/Continental Trailways.

Panhandle Stages/Panhandle Trailways (PSI) - incorporated 1928 as Safety First Bus Co., reorganized 1931 as Panhandle Motor Coaches, reorganized 1936 as Panhandle Stages, in 1936 joined Trailways, sold 1948 to Transcontinental Bus System/Continental Trailways.

Santa Fe Trail Transportation/Santa Fe Trailways (SFT) - formed 1928 as bus subsidiary of Santa Fe Railway, in 1935 acquired Southern Kansas Stage Lines (SKS), in 1936 joined Trailways, sold 1948 to Transcontinental Bus System/Continental Trailways.


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