1948 MAP

Southern Bus Lines formed in 1945, evolving from the following companies:

Bordelon Lines/Bordelon Trailways
Began operations in 1934, joined Trailways in 1939.

Operated from New Orleans to Alexandria LA.

Interurban Transportation Co./Interurban Trailways
Incorporated in 1921, joined Trailways in 1939.

Operated throughout Louisiana.

Tri-State Transit Co./Tri-State Trailways
Began operations in 1922, renamed in 1923 from Caddo Transfer & Warehouse Co., joined Trailways in 1938, acquired Gibbs Bus Line and Magnolia Motor Lines in 1939.

Operated main routes from St. Louis to Mobile, Jackson TN to Jackson MS and New Orleans, Birmingham to Texarkana, Meridian MS to Shreveport, Texarkana to Shreveport and Lake Charles LA, additional routes throughout Louisiana and Mississippi.

The above companies were merged in 1945 into Southern Bus Lines/Southern Trailways.

Southern Bus Lines sold in 1948 to Transcontinental Bus System/Continental Trailways.

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