1948 MAP

1948 MAP (Red Star)

Carolina Coach Co. incorporated in 1925, in 1940 joined Trailways as Carolina Trailways.

Subsequently acquired the following companies:

Red Star Motor Coaches
Incorporated in 1926, from 1939 to 1947, was a Trailways member under name Red Star Trailways, acquired in 1952.

Eastern Shore Transit Co.
Incorporated in 1926, acquired in 1952.

Operated from Cape Charles VA to Salisbury MD.

Norfolk Southern Bus Co.
Formed in 1926 as bus subsidiary of Norfolk Southern Railroad, acquired in 1954.

Operated from Norfolk to Washington NC.

In 1997, Carolina Trailways became a subsidiary of Greyhound, and in 2008 was fully consolidated into Greyhound.

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