Present and past.

The original Cicero & Proviso Street Railway Co. car house was located in Chicago on the north side of Madison St. west of 40th Ave. (later Crawford, now Pulaski), and was completed in 1890. The car house was sold in 1910 and used for other purposes, and was demolished in 1920.

Also completed in 1890 was the Cicero & Proviso Street Railway Co. car house at 259 Lake St. in Oak Park, near Cuyler Ave. Cicero & Proviso Street Railway Co. became part of Chicago Consolidated Traction Co. in 1899. And after 1910, when the separate Chicago and suburban streetcar systems were formed, this became the only car house for the newly formed County Traction Co.

The Suburban Railroad Co. car house was opened in 1897, and was located on the west side of Harlem Ave. north of 22nd St. (now Cermak Rd.). In 1913, the County Traction Co. and the Suburban Railroad Co. merged into the Chicago & West Towns Railway Co. And the car houses for both former companies were used for streetcars.

In 1924, a bus garage was constructed next to the Lake St. car house. And around the start of World War II to reduce deadhead mileage, a bus garage was constructed next to the Suburban car house. In 1947 and 1948 respectively, the Lake St. and Suburban car houses became strictly bus garages. The Suburban facility was closed in 1959, having been used strictly for bus storage in its final years. The Lake St. garage was used by the West Towns Bus Co. and later Pace until 1986, when Pace opened its new West Division garage at 3500 W. Lake St., Melrose Park. A supermarket was subsequently constructed at the 259 Lake St. location.

Leyden Motor Coach Co. had been based at 9400 Franklin Ave., in Franklin Park.


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