Present and past.

An early Aurora City Railway car house for horse cars was located on the west side of Water St., between what is now Galena Blvd. and Downer Pl.

In 1890, the successor Aurora Street Railway established a car house for electric streetcars, located at the northwest corner of Water St. and Benton St., south of downtown near the east bank of the Fox River. But as the area became too congested during the 1920's, it became necessary to relocate the car house. In 1925, the new car house opened on River St. near 1st St., south of downtown near the west bank of the Fox River.

For the interurban line, a small car house existed in Geneva, east of 3rd St. immediately north of the Chicago and North Western Railroad main line. The present Metra station in Geneva is immediately west of 3rd St., and the location of the car house apparently is now occupied by Metra station parking.

With the National City Lines acquisition of the bus operations in 1936, a new bus garage was constructed at 610 N. Broadway. Also housing the interurban Aurora-Elgin Bus Line, also owned by National City Lines. In 1968, Tom-A-Hawk Transit began operating the bus system, subsidized by the city, and located at 731 N. Highland Ave. In 1974, the city owned Aurora Transit System opened a newer garage located at 649 S. River St., a few blocks south of the 1925 car house location. That garage was replaced in 1994 by the present Pace Fox Valley Division garage at 400 S. Overland Dr., in North Aurora. The city of Aurora continues to use the 649 S. River St. garage for various purposes.

Joliet-Aurora Transit Lines was based at 135 N. Trask St. in Aurora.


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Transit Facility Photos

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