1901 - Detroit and Lake Orion Railway completes interurban line from Royal Oak into Flint. Shortly after, company is acquired by Detroit United Railway, which operates through interurban trains from Detroit.

1903 - Detroit United Railway introduces local streetcar service in Flint.

1909 - Saginaw & Flint Railway completes interurban line between those two cities. Company was a subsidiary of Michigan United Railway.

1922 - Department of Street Railways assumes operation of streetcar lines within city of Detroit. Detroit United Railway continues to operate into downtown Detroit, using city streetcar tracks for a fee.

1923 - Michigan United Railway reorganized as Michigan Electric Railway Co.

1924 - Detroit United Railway subsidiary People's Motor Coach begins local bus service in Flint.

1928 - Most of Detroit United Railway sold to Eastern Michigan Railways. Bus companies owned by Detroit United Railway become part of new subsidiary Eastern Michigan Motorbuses.

1929 - Michigan Electric Railway Co. interurban service discontinued between Flint and Saginaw.

1931 - Interurban railway service discontinued from Detroit to Flint.

1935 - First replacement of local streetcars with buses.

1936 - Last local streetcars in Flint replaced with buses. System becomes known as Flint Trolley Coach.

1937 - Trolleybuses begin operating on many bus routes in Flint.

1955 - Flint Trolley Coach renamed Flint City Coach Lines by new owner City Coach Lines Inc.

1956 - Last trolleybuses in Flint replaced with motor buses.

1964 - Flint City Coach Lines becomes publicly owned Mass Transportation Authority.

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