1870 - Dayton Street Railway introduces horse car service on Third St. in Dayton.

1871 - Dayton View Street Railway introduces horse car service on Monument and Salem. And Oakwood Street Railway introduces horse car service on Brown Ave.

1872 - Oakwood Street Railway acquires Dayton View Street Railway, and combines lines into one route. Wayne & Fifth Street Railroad introduces horse car service on Wayne. Line would later be extended north on Main.

1881 - Fifth Street Railroad introduces horse car service on Fifth St.

1888 - White Line Street Railroad Co. introduces first electric streetcars in Dayton, on Germantown.

1890 - Dayton & Soldiers Home Railroad opens electric streetcar line, as an extension of Fifth Street Railroad horse car line.

1893 - Dayton Street Railway, Fifth Street Railroad, and Dayton & Soldiers Home Railroad merge into City Railway Co. City Railway Co. would become the largest streetcar operator in Dayton.

1895 - Electrification of all horse car lines is completed.

1896 - Wayne & Fifth Street Railroad and White Line Street Railroad Co. merge into People's Railway Co. People's Railway Co. would be the second largest streetcar operator in Dayton. At that time there would be three streetcar companies, as the Oakwood Street Railway remained independent.

1899 - People's Railway Co. becomes subsidiary of American Railways Co.

1906 - Dayton & Xenia Railway Co. opens interurban line between those two cities, also providing local service on Wyoming.

1909 - A new Dayton Street Railway Co. opens streetcar line on Five Oaks and Salem. Streetcar service was now provided by five operators.

1924 - American Railways Co., controlling People's Railway Co., comes under control of Electric Bond & Shares Co.

1928 - American Railways Co., no longer under Electric Bond & Shares Co. control.

1929 - Wolf Brothers Bus Line becomes first bus operator in Dayton, operating from Dayton to Beavertown via Wilmington Pike. That company soon was acquired by Oakwood Street Railway, which operated it as a subsidiary Dayton Suburban Bus Lines.

1930 - City Railway Co. forms bus subsidiary City & Suburban Transit Co., first bus route is on Riverview.

1933 - After a carbarn fire, Dayton Street Railway Co. becomes Dayton's first operator of trolleybuses, and changes name to Dayton Street Transit Co.

1937 - Dayton & Xenia Railway Co. interurban railway replaced with buses operated by subsidiary Dayton & Xenia Motor Bus Co. Local streetcar service continues to operate.

1940 - People's Railway Co. renamed People's Transit Co., after conversion of all its streetcar lines to trolleybuses. Dayton & Xenia Railway Co. streetcars replaced with trolleybuses.

1941 - Dayton Street Transit Co. sold to City Railway Co.

1945 - People's Transit Co. sold to City Railway Co.

1947 - Last streetcars replaced with trolleybuses.

1955 - City Railway Co. and Dayton & Xenia Railway Co. merge, forming City Transit Co.

1956 - Oakwood Street Railway sold to City Transit Co., completing consolidation of all transit lines in Dayton.

1972 - City Transit Co. becomes publicly owned Miami Valley Regional Transit Authority.

2003 - Miami Valley Regional Transit Authority renamed Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority.

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