Present and past.

In Covington, car houses for horse cars were located at 12th St. and Madison Ave., and at Main St. and Pike St. The car house at Main St. and Pike St. was abandoned in 1899. In 1891, a new car house for electric streetcars opened at 20th St. and Madison Ave., and was expanded in 1901. In 1937, the car house was wired for trolleybuses. And in 1955, the car house was closed, with all operations moved to the Newport car house.

In Newport, car houses for horse cars were located on the south side of 11th St. and Saratoga St., on 5th St. near Isabella St., and in Dayton at 6th Ave. and Berry St. The car house on 5th St. was abandoned early, and the car house on 11th St. was replaced with a new car house across the north side of the street. In 1899, all the Newport facilities were replaced with a new car house at 11th St. and Brighton St., and a new shops behind the car house at 11th St. and Lowell St.

The Cincinnati Newport & Covington Railway Co. first operated buses in 1936, leasing garage space from the Wiedemann Brewing Co. on 6th St. between York St. and Columbia St. In 1937, a new bus garage was opened at the Newport car house and shops complex. And in 1955, the Newport car house was wired to accommodate the trolleybuses, transferred there as the Covington car house was closed. Trolleybuses were eliminated in 1958.

In 1929, Dixie Traction opened a bus garage in Erlanger, at Dixie Hwy. and May St. The garage was destroyed by fire in 1955.

When the Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky began operations in 1972, buses continued to use the Newport facility. In 1982, TANK opened its present garage at 3375 Madison Pike in Fort Wright.

The new TANK garage is on the east side of the street. The old Newport facility remains standing by 11th St. and Lowell St., southeast and southwest of the intersection.

Transit Center

The main TANK bus terminal is the Covington Transit Center, located at 220 Madison Ave., on the east side of the street.

Between 1921 and 1996, streetcars and buses terminated in Cincinnati at the "Dixie Terminal", near 3rd St. and Walnut St.


Links to locations of past and present transit facilities, using Google Maps. Satellite views are also available.