The Pacific Electric Railway Co. evolved onto the largest electric interurban railway system in the world. The Los Angeles area is unique, in the way it evolved and was developed into a major metropolitan area. With one major city Los Angeles, and many smaller cities of varying distances from Los Angeles. The Pacific Electric Railway Co. linked the area with suburban and interurban lines of varying distances and types, along with local streetcar lines in some of the cities.

Listed here are the interurban and suburban lines. Not listed are local lines, along with certain short lived lines or services. Local services are described at other pages on this web site. Including certain horse car and steam dummy operations which predated some of the electric railways described on this page.

Many Pacific Electric Railway Co. lines eventually evolved to bus routes now operated by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Pacific Electric Railway Co. was acquired in 1958 by Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority (LAMTA), which in 1964 became Southern California Rapid Transit District (SCRTD), and in 1993 became Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LACMTA).

In 1943, Pacific Electric Railway Co. adopted a route numbering system, with low numbers assigned to interurban trains, and numbers beginning with 50 for buses. As buses replaced many of the trains, those routes then received the higher numbers. Many of these route numbers continued to be used by SCRTD, until adoption of a new route numbering system in 1983. Although certain routes were assigned new numbers in the 400's during the 1970's.

MTA Bus Route History

All bus routes, mainly evolving from Los Angeles Railway Co. and Pacific Electric Railway Co., organized according to the 1983 route renumbering scheme.

Northern District

Line                          Route                           In          Built   1943   SCRTD  1983
                                                              Service     By      Route  Route  Route

Avenue 64-Annandale Line      Los Angeles-Annandale           1902-1928   PE (old)
Monrovia-Glendora Line        Los Angeles-Glendora            1902-1951   PE (old)    4   68    79
Alhambra-San Gabriel Line     (LA)-Sierra Vista-San Gabriel   1902-1941   LA&P       52   52    78
Pasadena Short Line           (LA)-Oneonta Park-Pasadena      1902-1951   PE (old)    2   71   260
Pasadena Oak Knoll Line       (LA)-El Molino-Pasadena         1903-1950   PE (old)    1   70   258
Mount Lowe Line               Pasadena-Rubio Canyon           1891-1936   P&ML
Sierra Madre Line             (LA)-San Marino-Sierra Madre    1904-1950   PE (old)    5   67   487
San Bernardino Line           Los Angeles-Upland              1907-1950   PE (old)    3   53   496
San Bernardino Line           Upland-San Bernardino           1914-1941   PE         53   60   496
Ontario & San Antonio Hts.    Ontario-San Antonio Heights     1887-1928   O&SA
Pomona-Ontario Line           Pomona-Claremont-Ontario        1910-1932   O&SA
Arrowhead Line                San Bernardino-Arrowhead Spr.   1902-1932   SBT
Highland Line                 San Bernardino-Highland         1888-1936   SBMR
Patton Line                   San Bernardino-Patton           1903-1924   SBVT
San Bernardino-Redlands       San Bernardino-Redlands         1903-1936   SBVT            60
San Bernardino-Riverside      San Bernardino-Riverside        1911-1939   PE         60   60   496
Riverside-Corona Line         Riverside-Arlington             1893-1943   R&A        59   59
Riverside-Corona Line         Arlington-Corona                1915-1931   PE         59   59
Riverside-Rialto Line         Riverside-Rialto                1908-1940   R&A

Southern District

Line                          Route                           In          Built   1943   SCRTD  1983
                                                              Service     By      Route  Route  Route

Long Beach Line               Los Angeles-Long Beach          1902-1961   PE (old)    6    66    60
San Pedro Line                (LA)-Dominguez Jct.-San Pedro   1904-1958   PE (old)    7    33   202
Catalina Dock Line            (LA)-Wilmington-Catalina Dock   1920-1958   PE          8
Terminal Island Line          (LA)-Island Jct.-Term. Island   1942-1945   PE
Long Beach-San Pedro Line     Long Beach-San Pedro            1910-1949   PE (old)    9    66   232
Whittier Line                 (LA)-Slauson Jct.-Whittier      1904-1938   LAIU
La Habra-Fullerton Line       La Habra-Fullerton-Stern        1906-1938   LAIU
Santa Ana Line                (LA)-Watts-Santa Ana            1905-1958   LAIU       11
Santa Ana-Orange Line         Santa Ana-Orange                1886-1930   SAO&T
Santa Ana-Huntington Beach    Santa Ana-Huntington Beach      1907-1922   PE (old)
La Bolsa Line                 Huntington Beach-La Bolsa       1911-1928   PE
Newport Line                  (LA)-North Long Beach-Balboa    1904-1950   LAIU       55    55
Redondo via Gardena Line      (LA)-Watts-Redondo Beach        1907-1940   LA&R
San Pedro via Torrance Line   (LA)-South LA-San Pedro         1912-1940   PE
El Segundo Line               (LA)-South LA-El Segundo        1914-1930   PE

Western District

Line                          Route                           In          Built   1943   SCRTD  1983
                                                              Service     By      Route  Route  Route

Venice Boulevard Line         Los Angeles-Vineyard            1896-1950   P&P        75    75    33
Venice Short Line             Vineyard-Venice                 1902-1950   LAPRR      26    75    33
Santa Monica via Sawtelle     (LA)-Vineyard-Santa Monica      1896-1940   P&P        75     4     4
Westgate-Brentwood Line       (LA)-Sawtelle-Santa Monica      1906-1940   LAP              83    22
Redondo via Del Rey Line      (LA)-Culver Jct.-Cliffton       1902-1940   LAPRR      79    51   232
Lagoon Line                   Del Rey-Santa Monica            1896-1936   P&P
Coldwater Canyon Line         Beverly Hills-Coldwater Canyon  1907-1923   LAP
Santa Monica Canyon Line      Santa Monica-Port Los Angeles   1908-1933   LAP
Cahuenga Valley Line          Los Angeles-Cahuenga Valley     1905-1915   PE (old)
Santa Monica Air Line         (LA)-Amoco Jct.-Santa Monica    1908-1953   LAP        12
Soldiers Home Line            (LA)-Home Jct.-Soldiers Home    1908-1920   LAP
Inglewood Line                Inglewood-Santa Monica          1902-1928   LAPRR
Hollywood via Hill St. Line   Los Angeles-Hollywood           1900-1954   LAPRR      26    91     1
Hollywood via Subway Line     Los Angeles-Hollywood           1926-1954   PE         27
Buena Vista Line              Los Angeles-Hollywood           1909-1913   LAP
Laurel Canyon Line            (LA)-Hollywood-Laurel Canyon    1900-1924   P&P
Hollywood/Santa Monica Blvd.  Los Angeles-Sherman             1895-1953   P&P        28    94     4
Western & Franklin Avenue     Los Angeles-Hollywood           1908-1940   LAP        78    89    26
Brush Canyon Line             Hollywood-Brush Canyon          1908-1918   LAP
Echo Park Avenue Line         Los Angeles-Echo Park           1902-1950   LAPRR            75    33
San Fernando Valley Line      (LA)-Hollywood-San Fernando     1911-1952   PE         84    93   233
Canoga Park Line              (LA)-N. Sherman-Canoga Park     1912-1938   PE         83    86   163
Glendale Line                 Los Angeles-Glendale            1904-1955   LAIU       29    39    92
Burbank Line                  (LA)-Glendale-Burbank           1911-1955   PE         29    39    92

Pacific Electric Railway Co./Predecessor Companies

PE - Pacific Electric Railway Co. - 1911 merger of the following companies:

PE (old) - Pacific Electric Railway (older co.) - 1901 merger including the following companies:
LA&P - Los Angeles & Pasadena Electric Railway Co.
P&ML - Pasadena & Mt. Lowe Railway Co.

R&A - Riverside & Arlington Railway Co.

SBVT - San Bernardino Valley Traction Co. - 1903 merger including the following company:
SBT - San Bernardino Traction Co. - also included the following predecessor company:
SBMR - Southern California Motor Road Co.

LAIU - Los Angeles Interurban Railway Co. - 1903 merger including the following company:
SAO&T - Santa Ana & Orange Motor Co., until 1897 Santa Ana Orange & Tustin Street Railway Co.

LA&R - Los Angeles & Redondo Railway

LAP - Los Angeles Pacific Co. - 1905 reorganization of:
LAPRR - Los Angeles Pacific Railroad Co. - 1898 merger including the following company:
P&P - Pasadena & Pacific Electric Railway Co.

In 1912, Pacific Electric Railway Co. acquired the following company:

O&SA - Ontario & San Antonio Heights Railroad Co.

Not listed are streetcar companies subsequently acquired by Los Angeles Railway Co., providing local city service.

Electric Railway Historical Association of Southern California

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