Springfield Subdivision

FORMERLY Chicago & Alton Railroad/Gulf Mobile & Ohio Railroad
(Alton/Eastern Division/Sub-Division No. 2)
CONSTRUCTED 1852-1854 by Alton & Sangamon Railroad
CONSTRUCTED 1881 (Godfrey-College Ave.-Wann)
ABS installed 1900-1903
DOUBLE TRACK constructed 1891-1893 (Ridgely-Iles)
DOUBLE TRACK constructed 1907 (north of Ridgely)/1911 (south of Iles)
CTC installed 1933 (Rinaker-Plainview)
CTC installed 1940 (Godfrey-Wann)
CTC installed 1961-1962 (Iles-Rinaker)/second track eliminated
CTC installed 1962-1963 (Lincoln-Ridgely)/second track eliminated
CTC installed 1964 (Bloomington-Lincoln)/second track eliminated
CTC installed 1965 (Plainview-Godfrey)/second track eliminated
CTC installed 1980's (Ridgely-Iles)/second track eliminated
LAST PASSENGER TRAIN: late 1930's (via Alton)
ABANDONED around 1960's (via Alton)
PASSENGER SERVICE: Amtrak St. Louis Route

In 1881, the "cutoff" opened between Godfrey and Wann, bypassing the main part of Alton and presently used by Amtrak. While the original route through Alton was eventually abandoned. At its peak, the only single track segments were between Rinaker and Plainview, and between Godfrey and Wann. Early CTC installations on those segments were originally controlled from various towers as linked below.

Radio Frequency - 161.280 (AAR Channel 78) (Bloomington-Iles)
Radio Frequency - 160.695 (AAR Channel 39) (Iles-Hazel Dell)
Radio Frequency - 161.280 (AAR Channel 78) (Hazel Dell-Carlinville)
Radio Frequency - 160.560 (AAR Channel 30) (Carlinville-Wann)

Stations/Milepost Locations

Direction is southward from Bloomington to Wann
Distance is from Chicago


126.4 Bloomington Yard
126.5 BN Target (NS crossing)
126.6 Bloomington
132.2 Shirley
136.3 Funk's Grove
140.9 McLean
145.8 Atlanta
150.0 Lawndale
155.7 Athol (CN crossing)
156.4 Lincoln
163.4 Broadwell
168.4 Elkhart
173.0 Williamsville
177.6 Sherman
182.9 Ridgley (I&M crossing)
185.1 Springfield
187.4 Iles (junction-NS)
188.9 Hazel Dell (junction-NS)
194.3 Chatham
200.0 Auburn
207.0 Virden
210.8 Girard (BNSF crossing)
213.1 Nilwood
223.8 Carlinville
225.9 Rinaker
234.3 Plainview
238.3 Shipman
246.0 Brighton
252.1 Godfrey (junction-KCS)
256.8 Alton/Amtrak-College Ave.
259.6 Wann

252.1 Godfrey
257.5 Alton
262.1 Wann

1 track, CTC in use.

Operation via NS between Iles and Hazel Dell.


This line is being upgraded for high speed operation, resulting in some changes.


Known discontinued passenger railroad stations. Includes zoomable Google maps.


Past and present towers and interlockings.