Joliet Subdivision

FORMERLY Chicago & Alton Railroad/Gulf Mobile & Ohio Railroad
(Alton/Eastern Division/Sub-Division No. 1)
DOUBLE TRACK constructed 1869-1870 (Mazonia-Odell)/1888-1893 (Odell-Bloomington)
ABS installed 1900-1903
COLOR LIGHT ABS installed 1927 (Joliet-Mazonia)
CTC installed 2016 (Joliet-Mazonia)
CTC installed 1955 (Normal-Bloomington)
CTC installed 1966-1968 (Mazonia-Normal)/second track eliminated
PASSENGER SERVICE: Amtrak St. Louis Route

Between Joliet and Mazonia, trains formerly had a second route available. That route involved the Pequot Subdivision route to the west, via Coal City. But the connection at Pequot was broken in 2008.

Radio Frequency - 161.280 (AAR Channel 78)

Stations/Milepost Locations

Direction is southward from Joliet to Bloomington
Distance is from Chicago

36.7 Jackson St.
37.2 Joliet
37.3 UD Tower (crossing-remote-Metra dispatcher)
38.5 South Joliet
40.3 Global 4
45.6 Elwood
49.8 Prairie Creek
52.5 Wilmington
54.5 Hitt
58.8 Braidwood
60.5 Mullins
62.6 Mazonia (junction-UP)
64.5 Gardner
72.8 Dwight (NS crossing)
82.0 Odell
86.9 Cayuga
88.6 Bunge
92.5 Pontiac
97.8 Ocoya
102.3 Chenoa (TP&W crossing)
106.6 Ballard
110.5 Lexington
118.5 Towanda
121.5 North End 2 Tracks
124.1 Normal
126.4 Bloomington Yard

Joliet to Bloomington: 1 track, CTC in use. Some segments of 2 tracks.

Cab signals in use between Dwight and Pontiac, as a test section for 110 mph operation.


Significant changes are under way in Joliet, as the station is reconfigured. In May 2015, UD Tower was closed, with control transferred to the Metra dispatcher.

This line is being upgraded for high speed operation, resulting in some changes.

Classic Track Diagrams

Track diagram as the line existed around 1975, when sidings existed between Joliet and Mazonia. CTC was installed between Chicago and Joliet around 2000.


Known discontinued passenger railroad stations. Includes zoomable Google maps.


Past and present towers and interlockings.