Marceline Subdivision (4th District)

FORMERLY Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe Railway (Santa Fe)
OPENED 1888 by Chicago Santa Fe & California Railway
DOUBLE TRACK constructed by 1911
ABS installed by 1925
AUTOMATIC TRAIN STOP installed 1950's (Marceline-W.B. Jct./C.A. Jct.-East Sibley)
CTC installed 1961 (Marceline-W.B. Jct.)/1962 (C.A. Jct.-Congo)
CTC installed 1980's (W.B. Jct.-Hardin)/2000's (Hardin-C.A. Jct.)
AUTOMATIC TRAIN STOP deactivated 2021 after installation of Positive Train Control
PASSENGER SERVICE: Amtrak Southwest Chief

Between W.B. Jct. and C.A. Jct., paired track with Norfolk Southern, former Wabash. Santa Fe eventually added an additional track between Hardin and C.A. Jct. Single track bridge over Missouri River at Sibley.

Radio Frequency (Marceline-Congo) - 160.560 (AAR Channel 30)

Radio Frequency (Congo-Kansas City) - 161.010 (AAR Channel 60)

Stations/Milepost Locations

Direction is westward from Marceline to Kansas City
Distance is from Chicago

347.3 Marceline
349.3 West Marceline
354.6 Rothville
360.7 Mendon
368.1 Dean Lake
374.3 Bosworth
382.1 Standish
386.4 Carrollton
388.7 W.B. Jct.
396.6 Norbonne
405.4 Hardin
411.3 Henrietta
416.9 Camden
418.2 C.A. Jct.
421.7 Floyd
424.9 East Sibley
426.3 West Sibley
434.0 Atherton
436.5 Eton
439.4 Courtney
440.7 Cement City
442.2 La Farge
442.6 Sugar Creek
444.2 Congo
446.4 Sheffield
451.1 Kansas City

2 tracks, CTC in use, controlled by Marceline Dispatcher in Fort Worth, Texas.

Kansas City Terminal has jurisdiction west of Congo.