Pittsburgh Line

(Used by Amtrak's Pennsylvanian)

Former Pennsylvania Railroad main line.

Radio Frequency - 160.800 (AAR Channel 46)

Stations/Milepost Locations

Direction is eastward from Chicago
Distance is from Philadelphia

236.1 Altoona
235.7 CP Works (Juniata Industrial Track)
234.0 CP Homer (Rose Connecting Track)
232.4 CP Antis
223.5 CP Gray (Tyrone Running Track)
222.1 Tyrone
212.9 CP Tunnel
204.2 Deer (Huntingdon Industrial Track)
202.4 CP Hunt
202.3 Huntingdon
196.0 Bridgeport
193.7 Mapleton
191.3 CP Jacks
190.3 Mount Union
179.6 CP McVey
168.8 CP Long
165.7 Lewistown
165.7 CP Lewis (Long Industrial Track)
160.0 CP Hawstone
155.8 Denholm
153.7 CP Mifflin
151.2 Port Royal
144.4 CP Thompson
137.5 Millerstown
133.5 CP Port
124.8 Losh's Run
118.9 CP Cannon
113.2 CP Banks
112.0 Marysville
109.9 CP Rockville (Buffalo Line)
104.8 Harris (Harrisburg Line)
104.6 Harrisburg

2 tracks, CTC in use. Some segments of 3 and 4 tracks. CTC controlled by Altoona East Dispatcher in Pittsburgh. From CP Cannon to Harrisburg, CTC controlled by Harrisburg Dispatcher. Cab signals in use.


Multimodalways/Norfolk Southern Archives

Link to web site, where track charts may be downloaded as PDF files.


Track diagram as the line existed from approximately the 1930's to 1950's, when most of the line still had four tracks.