Cleveland Line

FORMERLY Pennsylvania Railroad (Pittsburgh Fort Wayne & Chicago Railroad)
CONSTRUCTED 1852 by Cleveland & Pittsburgh Railroad
DOUBLE TRACK constructed 1900's
ABS installed
CTC installed 2000's
PASSENGER SERVICE: Amtrak Capitol Limited

Passenger and commuter service originally discontinued in early 1960's. Amtrak began using this route in 1990, after much of Pennsylvania Railroad main line through Fort Wayne was downgraded. This segment has now evolved to be part of Norfolk Southern main line.

Radio Frequency - 161.070 (AAR Channel 64)

Stations/Milepost Locations

Direction is eastward from Cleveland
Distance is from Rochester PA via Yellow Creek OH

123.6 Drawbridge (drawbridge)
123.0 Cleveland
122.0 CP 122 (Amtrak Connection)
121.8 Alabama
120.9 Superior
118.2 Holton Avenue
117.6 Kinsman
117.1 Bessemer Avenue
116.9 CP 117 (Kinsman Connection to CSX Short Line)
116.0 CP 116 (W&LE Crossing)
114.2 CP 114 (Harvard Connection to CSX Short Line)
113.1 McCracken
113.0 CP 112
112.9 Maple Heights Intermodal Facility
110.9 Rockside
110.3 CP 110
109.4 Bedford
107.4 CP 107
106.5 Wheelock
105.4 Motor
105.1 Ledge
102.9 Twin
102.7 CP 102
96.9 Hudson
94.3 CP 94
85.9 CP 86 (Ravenna)
73.3 CP 73
66.9 CP Alliance (Fort Wayne Line)

2 tracks, CTC in use. Cleveland Terminal Dispatcher in Dearborn, MI controls trackage from Cleveland to CP 86, Cleveland Line Dispatcher in Pittsburgh controls trackage from CP 86 to Alliance. Cab signal system in use without wayside signals, except at interlockings.


Multimodalways/Norfolk Southern Archives

Link to web site, where track charts may be downloaded as PDF files.