St. Paul Joint Line

FORMERLY Chicago Milwaukee St. Paul & Pacific Railroad (The Milwaukee Road)
OPENED 1872 by St. Paul & Chicago Railway
DOUBLE TRACK constructed 1908-1910
ABS installed 1914-1915
CTC installed 1990's
PASSENGER SERVICE: Amtrak Empire Builder

From St. Croix to St. Paul is a paired track with BNSF, whose predecessor Burlington Route line opened in 1886. Between St. Croix and Newport, BNSF owns the south track, which is closest to the Mississippi River. And between Newport and St. Paul, BNSF owns the north track. Each of the Twin Cities previously had major downtown stations. In 1978, Amtrak opened its modest Midway station, between the Twin Cities. But in 2014, Amtrak moved to the restored St. Paul Union Depot, using a new through platform.

Radio Frequency - 160.770 (AAR Channel 44)

Stations/Milepost Locations

Direction is westward from Chicago
Distance is from Chicago

392.1 St. Croix (junction-BNSF)
396.2 Chemolite
399.0 Cottage Grove
402.5 Newport
403.1 Red Rock
405.1 Dunn
406.5 Oakland
407.4 St. Paul Yard
407.9 Dayton's Bluff
408.9 Hoffman Ave. (junction-BNSF)
410.3 St. Paul (Amtrak)
410.5 Robert St. (UP crossing)
411.2 Chestnut St. (junction-UP)
412.0 Fordson Jct.
415.2 Snelling Ave.
415.5 Carroll Ave.
416.0 Merriam Park
416.6 Midway

1 and 2 tracks from St. Croix to St. Paul. CTC in use, controlled by dispatcher in Minneapolis.


Information is based on 2015 Google satellite imagery, and is subject to change.