River Subdivision

FORMERLY Chicago Milwaukee St. Paul & Pacific Railroad (The Milwaukee Road)
OPENED 1872 by St. Paul & Chicago Railway
DOUBLE TRACK constructed 1908-1910
ABS installed 1914-1915
CTC installed 1990's/segments of second track eliminated
PASSENGER SERVICE: Amtrak Empire Builder

The Mississippi River bridge at La Crosse opened in 1876.

Radio Frequency - 160.770 (AAR Channel 44)

Stations/Milepost Locations

Direction is westward from Chicago
Distance is from Chicago

281.2 La Crosse
282.1 West Wye Switch
283.6 Bridge Switch
285.0 River Jct.
288.0 River Jct. West
290.3 Dakota
293.0 Donehower
303.0 Homer
308.2 Winona
310.1 Tower CK (junction-DM&E)
316.0 Minnesota City
319.1 Whitman
325.0 Weaver
335.2 Kellogg
338.0 Midland
341.2 Wabasha
351.0 Lakeview
353.8 Lake City
362.0 Frontenac
370.7 Red Wing
374.2 Duke
384.0 Blackbird
385.9 Vermillion
388.7 East Hastings
391.1 Hastings
392.1 St. Croix (junction-BNSF)

1 and 2 tracks from La Crosse to St. Croix. CTC in use, controlled by dispatcher in Minneapolis.


Information is based on 2015 Google satellite imagery, and is subject to change.

Classic Track Diagrams

Track diagram as the line existed in the 1980's, when the line was still double track.