Holly Subdivision

FORMERLY Grand Trunk Western Railroad
CONSTRUCTED 1843 by Detroit & Pontiac Railroad (Detroit-Pontiac)
CONSTRUCTED 1856 by Detroit & Milwaukee Railroad (Pontiac-Durand)
DOUBLE TRACK constructed 1916-1917 (Detroit-Pontiac)
ABS installed 1931-1932 (Detroit-Pontiac)
CTC installed 1952 (Pontiac-Durand)
CTC installed 1990's (Moterm-Pontiac)
PASSENGER SERVICE: Amtrak Detroit-Pontiac Route

Grand Trunk Western had intercity passenger service until 1971, eliminated with the formation of Amtrak. Line had commuter trains between Detroit and Pontiac until 1983. In 1994, Amtrak extended its Chicago-Detroit trains to Pontiac.

Radio Frequency - 160.590 (AAR Channel 32)
Dispatcher - 160.530 (AAR Channel 28)

Stations/Milepost Locations

Direction is northward from Milwaukee Jct. to Durand
Distance is from Detroit

4.1 Milwaukee Jct.
6.6 Highland Park
7.1 Ford Jct.
10.9 Ferndale
11.1 Moterm
12.0 Pleasant Ridge
13.2 Royal Oak
17.7 Birmingham
19.9 Charing Cross
21.2 Bloomfield Hills
24.0 Yellow Cab
25.5 M.A.L. Jct.
25.8 Pontiac
26.9 Johnson Ave.
28.2 Pontiac Yard
28.7 West Blvd.
30.3 West Pontiac
31.1 Drayton Plains
33.3 Waterford
35.2 Clarkston
38.5 Andersonville
41.5 Davisburg
46.5 Holly
50.7 Fenton
55.3 Linden
62.6 Gaines
65.5 Pitt
67.0 Durand

Milwaukee Jct. to Moterm: 2 tracks, signaled for normal right hand operation.

Moterm to West Pontiac: 2 tracks, CTC in use.

West Pontiac to Durand: 1 track, CTC in use.

CN Dispatcher Desk #8 located in Homewood IL.



Known discontinued passenger railroad stations. Includes zoomable Google maps.


Past and present towers and interlockings.