Michigan Line (Porter-Kalamazoo)

FORMERLY New York Central Railroad (Michigan Central Railroad)
(Michigan Division/Main Line)
DOUBLE TRACK completed 1873 (Porter-Niles)/1905 (Niles-Kalamazoo)
ABS installed before 1909
SEARCHLIGHT ABS installed 1945-1949
CTC installed 1963-1964 (Porter-CP 200/CP 176-CP 150)/second track eliminated
CTC installed 1971 (entire segment)/second track eliminated
PASSENGER SERVICE: Amtrak Detroit Route

Historically, the Michigan Central main line continued west of Porter to Kensington, from where trackage rights were used via Illinois Central to serve Central Station. In 1957, passenger trains began switching to and from the New York Central main line at Porter. In 1976, when Conrail was formed to take over Penn Central and other bankrupt northeastern railroads, this segment was not included in the Conrail plan, due to a lack of freight traffic. Amtrak thus had no choice but to assume direct ownership of this segment. When CTC eliminated segments of second track during the 1960's, Control Points (CP) were established at the ends of these segments. As typical, the CP numbers refer to the mile locations.

Radio Frequency - 161.505 (AAR Channel 93)

Stations/Milepost Locations

Direction is eastward from Porter to Kalamazoo
Distance is from Detroit

240.7 CP 482 (junction-NS/remote-Dearborn MI)
238.9 CP 238
229.8 10th St. (NICTD crossing)
228.9 Michigan City
228.5 Drawbridge (west siding switch)
226.2 CP 226 (east siding switch)
222.7 State Line
219.0 New Buffalo
218.9 New Buffalo Station
213.7 CP 213 (west siding switch)
211.8 Three Oaks
211.8 CP 211 (east siding switch)
206.0 Galien
202.2 CP 202 (west siding switch)
200.5 CP 200 (east siding switch)
198.5 Buchanan
192.2 CP 192 (west siding switch)
192.0 Niles
190.5 CP 190 (east siding switch)
180.1 CP 180 (west siding switch)
179.6 Dowagiac
178.1 CP 178 (east siding switch)
172.7 CP 172 (west siding switch)
171.3 CP 171 (east siding switch)
168.3 Decatur
161.5 CP 161 (west siding switch)
160.6 Lawton
160.2 CP 160 (east siding switch)
156.4 Mattawan
147.1 CP 147 (west end double track)
144.9 Asylum
143.4 Kalamazoo

1 track, CTC in use, controlled by Amtrak Train Director in Chicago.



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