Zoomable Google Maps show the most interesting locations throughout the country where Amtrak trains switch between different lines, along with Amtrak routings serving various old Union Stations.

Union Station opened in 1914, replacing an earlier Union Station.

Whiting To Gary
Consolidation took place with the the former New York Central and Pennsylvania main lines east of Chicago.

Porter To New Buffalo
Two different lines diverged off the Chicago main line at Porter, operating into Michigan.

Wellsboro To La Crosse
Various complications resulted in some interesting routings for Amtrak's Cardinal in northern Indiana.

A railroad relocation project finally eliminated the former Monon route operating down the middle of Fifth Street.

Some creativity was needed, to form an Amtrak route between Chicago and Indianapolis, where the track is in respectable condition.

Cottage Grove
Certain Chesapeake & Ohio trackage in Cincinnati was abandoned, requiring Amtrak's Cardinal to use a Baltimore & Ohio line.

Terre Haute
Prior to the creation of Amtrak, Penn Central combined different former Pennsylvania and New York Central segments into one main line between Indianapolis and St. Louis, with a new connection between US Hwy. 41 and the Wabash River.

Railroads In Additional Cities
Present and past railroad routes, through the largest cities in Indiana.