1883 - Akron Street Railway & Herdic Co. introduces horse car service on Main St. in Akron.

1888 - Company sold to Akron Street Railroad Co., which electrifies lines.

1889 - Company sold to Akron Electric Street Railway Co.

1894 - A competing company, Akron & Cuyahoga Falls Rapid Transit Co., opens railway line between those cities. Akron Street Railroad Co. forms subsidiary Akron & Cuyahoga Falls Street Railroad Co., and opens its own line between those cities.

1895 - Akron & Cuyahoga Falls Rapid Transit Co. line extended east of Cuyahoga Falls to Kent, and southwest of Akron to Barberton. Akron Street Railroad Co. merged with electric utility Akron General Electric Co., forming Akron Street Railway & Illuminating Co.

1899 - Akron Street Railway & Illuminating Co. sold to Akron Traction & Electric Co., and shortly thereafter to Northern Ohio Traction Co.

1901 - Akron & Cuyahoga Falls Rapid Transit Co. merged into Northern Ohio Traction Co. Canton-Akron Railway Co. introduces interurban service between those two cities.

1902 - Northern Ohio Traction Co. sold to Northern Ohio Traction & Light Co.

1906 - Northern Ohio Traction & Light Co. acquires Canton-Akron Consolidated Railway, operating electric railways in Canton area.

1922 - Northern Ohio Traction & Light Co. introduces first bus route in Akron on Maple, west of downtown.

1926 - Northern Ohio Traction & Light Co. renamed Northern Ohio Power & Light Co.

1928 - Interurban railway service abandoned between Akron and Canton.

1928 - Penn-Ohio Edison Co. acquires Northern Ohio Power & Light Co. as a subsidiary.

1929 - Penn-Ohio Edison Co. merged into newly incorporated Commonwealth & Southern Corp., with Pennsylvania-Ohio Electric Co. as a subsidiary.

1930 - Transportation Securities Corp. formed as subsidiary of Commonwealth & Southern Corp., to control transportation properties. Akron Transportation Co. becomes subsidiary of Transportation Securities Corp.

1941 - Trolleybuses introduced in Akron.

1943 - Transportation Securities Corp. dissolved, Akron Transportation Co. sold.

1945 - United Transit Co. incorporated, which would acquire Akron Transportation Co.

1947 - Streetcars discontinued in Akron.

1951 - Akron Transportation Co. acquires Portage Lakes Transportation Co., a suburban operator.

1959 - Trolleybuses discontinued in Akron.

1962 - United Transit Co. acquired by American Transportation Enterprises (ATE).

1969 - Akron Transportation Co. becomes publicly owned Metro Regional Transit Authority.


The 1952 "Mass Transportation's Directory" provides an interesting "snapshot", of what obscure bus companies had coexisted with the main transit providers.

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