Present and past.

In 1913, the Northern Ohio Traction & Light Co. opened its main car house and shops on Kenmore Blvd., on Akron's south side. This facility eventually replaced three older car houses, in Barberton (opened 1895), on Miller Ave. (opened in 1888), and on Wooster Ave. (opened in 1889). In addition, the East Akron car house was in use from 1921 to 1941. And the Silver Lake Junction car house, located in Cuyahoga Falls, was opened by the Akron Bedford & Cleveland Railroad Co. in 1895, and housed mostly interurban cars, along with a few city cars.

In 1924, a portion of the Kenmore Blvd. facility was converted to a bus garage, as bus service was introduced. Trolleybuses were introduced in 1941. And after streetcars were eliminated in 1947, and trolleybuses eliminated in 1959, the entire facility was used as a motor bus garage.

Some of the Kenmore Blvd. car house buildings remain standing, on the southeast side of the street. Immediately northeast is the new Akron Metro garage, with an address of 416 Kenmore Blvd.

Besides Kenmore Blvd., also apparently still standing are the Barberton car house, and the crew quarters building of the Silver Lake Junction complex. Address is 2752 Hudson Dr., Cuyahoga Falls.

Transit Center

The main downtown bus terminal is located at 631 S. Broadway. The facility also serves Greyhound.


Links to locations of past and present transit facilities, using Google Maps. Satellite views are also available.