Gary District

FORMERLY Wabash Railroad/Norfolk & Western Railway
(Montpelier Division/4th District)
DOUBLE TRACK constructed 1913 (Clarke Jct.-Gary)
ABS installed 1914 (Clarke Jct.-Gary)
LAST PASSENGER TRAIN: 1960/mixed train since 1933
ABANDONED 1983 (Gary-Dillon)
ABANDONED 1999 (Dillon-Pine)
ABANDONED 1989 (Pine-Wakarusa)
ABANDONED 1985 (Wakarusa-South Milford)

Secondary line east of Chicago, joining the Detroit to St. Louis route at Montpelier OH. As with the former Wabash line southwest of Chicago, traffic on this line used the Chicago & Western Indiana within Chicago, to and from State Line. Between State Line and Clarke Jct., the line used trackage rights via the Baltimore & Ohio Chicago Terminal.

Stations/Milepost Locations

Direction is eastward from Chicago to South Milford
Distance is from Detroit

246.7 Clarke Jct. (connection-B&O)
243.4 Tolleston
241.1 Gary
233.6 Willow Creek (B&O/NYC crossing)
230.5 Crocker (EJ&E crossing)
217.2 Westville
209.6 Magee (C&O crossing)
207.3 Kingsbury
200.5 Dillon (NKP crossing)
192.9 North Liberty (NYC crossing)
187.4 Pine (junction-NJI&I)
184.8 Lakeville (PRR crossing)
179.2 Wyatt
171.3 Wakarusa
166.5 Foraker
161.4 New Paris (NYC crossing)
158.0 Benton
151.4 Stony Creek
146.0 Topeka
136.8 Wolcottville (PRR crossing)
131.8 South Milford

1 track, timetable and train order operation in use. Automatic block signals in use with 2 tracks Clark Jct, to Gary, and automatic block signals in use with 1 track North Liberty to Lakeville.


Known discontinued passenger railroad stations. Includes zoomable Google maps.


Past and present towers and interlockings.