Logansport Division

FORMERLY Pennsylvania Railroad (Pittsburgh Cincinnati Chicago & St. Louis Railroad)
(Logansport Division/Main Line)
CONSTRUCTED 1865 by Chicago & Great Eastern Railway (Bernice-La Crosse)
CONSTRUCTED 1861 by Chicago & Cincinnati Railroad (La Crosse-Logansport)
DOUBLE TRACK completed 1906
ABS installed 1927-1928
LAST PASSENGER TRAIN: Floridian (Amtrak)/1975
ABANDONED 1982-1986 (Air Line-Winamac)
ABANDONED around 1993 (Bernice-Air Line)
ABANDONED 2005 (Winamac-Logansport)

Former Pennsylvania Railroad main line from Columbus to Chicago, also handling passenger trains between Chicago and Cincinnati and Louisville. Passenger service was originally discontinued in 1971 with the formation of Amtrak. At the time this was Penn Central. But service soon returned to this route, as track conditions on the former New York Central line between Kankakee and Cincinnati made respectable speeds impossible. But track conditions also deteriorated on this line, and it became necessary to avoid Penn Central lines altogether. Between 1980 and 1993, Amtrak's Hoosier State used the SC&S Branch and main line between Colehour Jct. and Maynard, connecting there with the Monon route. Now nearly all of this trackage is abandoned.

Stations/Milepost Locations

Direction is eastward from Chicago to Logansport
Distance is from Columbus

287.8 Bernice (junction-PRR)
286.6 Lansing
286.1 State Line (IN-IL)
285.4 Air Line (Monon crossing)
284.8 Maynard (GTW crossing)
281.7 Hartsdale (EJ&E-NYC crossing)
280.1 Schererville
273.4 Crown Point
262.5 Hebron
253.1 Kouts (Erie crossing)
246.6 La Crosse (Monon crossing)
237.3 North Judson (NYC-Erie crossing)
235.8 East North Judson
231.4 Denham
222.4 Winamac
217.4 West Star City
216.5 Star City
212.8 Thornhope
208.3 Royal Center
198.3 Van (junction-PRR)
197.3 Logansport

2 tracks, signaled for normal right hand operation.


Track diagram as the line existed into the 1970's, when the line was still mostly a double track main line.


Known discontinued passenger railroad stations. Includes zoomable Google maps.


Past and present towers and interlockings.