Beginning in 1926, intrastate bus service was regulated by the New Mexico State Corporation Commission. Information from biannual reports from the late 1920's. These certificate numbers were assigned between 1929 and 1931 beginning with 1, freight carrier certificates are omitted. Some carriers were assigned groups of certificate numbers for groups of routes, with specific routes and numbers not identified.

Certificate No.   Name                                      Route

5-6-7-8-9-142     Santa Fe Transportation Co.               Santa Fe-Las Vegas
                                                            Santa Fe-Lamy
                                                            Santa Fe-Albuquerque
                                                            Santa Fe-Taos
                                                            Santa Fe-Detour
 10               San Luis Valley-Southern Railway          Taos-Santa Fe
 13               Pioneer Southwestern Stages               CO State Line-AZ State Line
 16               North Plains Coaches                      Tucumcari-Amarillo TX
 21               Wallace Transfer Co.                      Bernalillo-Belen
29-30             San Luis Valley-Southern Railway          Questa-Taos
 31               Southern Pacific Motor Transport Co.      Alamogordo-Cloudcroft
 37               Pickwick Stages Corp.                     AZ State Line-TX State Line
 40               Parrish Stage Lines                       Deming-Silver City
 45               Capitol Stages                            Las Cruces-Albuquerque
46-47             Van Dyke Motor Co.                        Raton-Dawson
 52               Pioneer Stages                            San Miguel-TX State Line
56-57             Gold Ball Stages                          Tucumcari-Clovis
                                                            Tucumcari-Las Vegas
58-59             Sunset Stages                             Carlsbad-Carlsbad Caverns
                                                            Carlsbad-TX State Line
 62               R. G. Phillips                            Silver City-Lordsburg
 63               Red Star Bus Lines                        Carlsbad-Lamesa TX
 74               Cannon Ball Stages                        Clovis-State Line (Texico)
 78               Ora McCalla                               Raton-Sugarite
 79               Raton-Taos Daily Stage                    Raton-Taos
 81               Paul McCutchen                            Roswell-Newman TX
 82               J. M. Porter                              Roswell-Carrizozo
 83               Pioneer Motor Lines                       Roswell-Lubbock TX
 85               Red Ball Line                             Raton-Trinidad CO
 87               Atlantic-Pacific Stages                   CO State Line-AZ State Line
 92               George W. Page                            NM-TX State Line (Pecos)
 95               Safeway Stages                            AZ State Line-TX State Line
110               Leandro Lopez                             Belen-Albuquerque
117               Mrs. Joe Anderson                         Clovis-TX State Line
118               Longhorn Coaches                          NM-TX State Line (Clayton)
126               A. J. Boware                              Silver City-Anywhere
127               Vic Mendosa                               Silver City-Anywhere
137               Pickwick Stages Corp.                     Texline TX-Raton-CO State Line
143               Albuquerque-Santa Fe Stages               Albuquerque-Santa Fe
146               Cannon Ball Stage                         Gallup-CO State Line
155               John Honeyfield                           Raton-Swastika
158               J. M. Honeyfield                          Raton-Van Houten
160               Joe Villa                                 Madrid-Santa Fe
162               C-D Stage Line                            Columbus-Deming
171               J. T. Bolander (to O. J. Ray)             Hot Springs-Engle
172               Sunset Coaches (to Paul McCutchen)        Roswell-Clovis-TX State Line
174               Padilla Marcelino                         Santa Fe-Madrid
176               Southwest Tours                           Santa Fe-Anywhere
180               James J. Roberts                          Silver City-Anywhere
182               Berton I. Staples                         Coolidge-Anywhere
183               Wallace Transfer (to John H. Hall)        Albuquerque-Estancia
189               Reuben J. Hilton                          Tucumcari-Santa Rosa
205               Pioneer Motor Lines                       Lovington-Tatum
215               Carlsbad Cavern Tours                     Carlsbad-El Paso TX
218               Colo-Mex Transportation Co.               Costilla-Taos
224-225           San Luis Valley-Southern Railway          Taos-Jarosa CO
230-231           Santa Fe Railway Co.                      Lake Valley-Nutt
232               Scenic Stages                             Albuquerque-Roswell
234               New Mexico Transportation Co.             Alamogordo-Las Cruces
235               George Harkness                           Alamogordo-Carrizozo-Tularosa
238               Parrish Stage Lines                       Deming-El Paso TX
250               Texas-New Mexico Stages (Reuben Hilton)   Santa Rosa-Albuquerque
263               Scenic Stages                             Clovis-Vaughn-Las Vegas
269               Scenic Stages                             Albuquerque-Vaughn-Clovis
286               Olympic Stages                            TX-Anthony-Steins-AZ
287               Pioneer Motor Lines                       TX-Hobbs-Carlsbad
294               George McEwen                             Shiprock-Dolores CO
297               Larry Welsh                               Las Vegas-Santa Fe
307               Valley Stage Lines                        Bernalillo-Armijo-Pajarito
311               Pacific Greyhound Lines                   Mesquite-Canutillo TX

Certificate No.   Name                                      Route

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