Beginning in 1927, intrastate bus service was regulated by the Nebraska State Railway Commission. Information from annual reports is available between 1927 and 1929.

Listed are bus companies which ceased operations in 1927, many of which might have never received a Certificate of Convenience and Necessity. Bus routes listed as introduced in 1927 might have existed earlier, prior to regulation. Not all sales or discontinuances of routes are certain.

Year   Name                                       Route

1927   Alliance-Chadron Bus Line                  Alliance-Chadron
1927   Alliance-Scottsbluff Bus Line              Alliance-Scottsbluff
       A. B. Anderson                             Omaha-Denver
            Discontinued operations 1927
1928   Anderson Transportation Co.                Omaha-Wahoo
1927   Beaver Bus Line                            Beaver Crossing-Lincoln
       F.  E. Brown                               Hartington-Sioux City
            Discontinued operations 1927
1929   J. H. Busskohl Bus Line                    Norfolk-Yankton SD
1928   Center Service Bus Line                    York-Columbus
1927   Cheyenne-Torrington-Scottsbluff Bus Line   Scottsbluff-Cheyenne WY
       J. K. Clausen & J. B. Syfert               Crawford-Gordon
            Discontinued operations 1927
1927   Cornhusker Stage Lines                     Lincoln-Hastings
1928   Cornhusker Stage Lines                     Hastings-Red Cloud
1928   Cornhusker Stage Lines                     Hastings-Superior
1927   C. C. Cotner Bus Line                      Omaha-Plattsmouth
1927   DeLuxe Bus Service                         Omaha-Plattsmouth
1929   DeLuxe Bus Service                         Omaha-Louisville
       Glen Dunlap                                Lyons-Sioux City
            Discontinued operations 1927
       Harry Essert                               Weeping Water-Omaha
            Discontinued operations 1927
       Thomas E. Floyd                            Beatrice-Fairbury
            Discontinued operations 1927
       Fremont Yellow Coach Line                  Fremont-Omaha/Norfolk-Lincoln
            Discontinued operations 1927
1927   Joe Friedrick Bus Line                     Norfolk-Yankton SD
             To L. F. Fisher Bus Line 1928
1927   Geneva-Fairmont Bus Line                   Geneva-Fairmont
1928   Golden Rod Transportation Co.              Beatrice-Peru
       Grand Coach Line                           Fremont-Norfolk
            Discontinued operations 1927
       Grand Island Transit Co.                   Grand Island and vicinity
            Discontinued operations 1927
       Verner Gustafson                           Burwell-Central City
            Discontinued operations 1927
1927   Hartington-Sioux City Bus Line             Hartington-Sioux City
            To White Star Bus Line 1928
       R. E. Hilton                               Omaha-Denver
            Discontinued operations 1927
1927   Interstate Transit Lines                   Omaha-Lincoln
1928   Interstate Transit Lines                   Omaha-Fremont
1928   Interstate Transit Lines                   Lincoln-York-Grand Island
1927   Lincoln-Nebraska City Coach Line           Lincoln-Nebraska City
            To Highland Coach Line 1928
1928   Highland Coach Line                        Lincoln-Tecumseh
1927   Lindsey Bus Co.                            Scottsbluff-Sterling CO
1928   Milford Coach Line                         Milford-Lincoln
1927   Norfolk-Neligh Bus Line                    Norfolk-Neligh
            Discontinued operations 1928
1927   Norfolk-Yankton Bus Line                   Norfolk-Yankton SD
1927   North Platte-McCook Bus Line               North Platte-McCook
1928   North Platte-McCook Bus Line               North Platte-Cedar Bluff KS
1927   O'Neill-Ainsworth Bus Line                 O'Neill-Ainsworth
       T. H. Peltz                                Lincoln-Grand Island
            Discontinued operations 1927
1927   Pioneer Bus Line                           Grand Island-Bartlett
1928   Pioneer Bus Line                           Bartlett-O'Neill
1928   Pioneer Bus Line                           Ainsworth-Hot Springs
1928   Pioneer Bus Line                           O-Neill-Ainsworth
1928   Pioneer Stages                             Denver-Chicago
       Platte Valley Transportation Co.           Scottsbluff-Sterling CO
            Discontinued operations 1927
       C. R. Polly                                Sioux City-Lyons
            Discontinued operations 1927
1927   Pop Corn Trail Stage Lines                 Grand Island-Burwell
1928   Pop Corn Trail Stage Lines                 Grand Island-Broken Bow
1928   Prairie Stages                             Haigler-Omaha
1927   Queen City Coach Line                      Beatrice-Lincoln
1928   Queen City Coach Line                      Beatrice-Fairbury
1928   Queen City Coach Line                      Beatrice-Pawnee City
1928   Queen City Coach Line                      Beatrice-Marysville KS
1928   Rainbow Bus Line                           Scottsbluff-Sterling CO
       William Richardson                         Falls City-Beatrice
            Discontinued operations 1927
1927   Rosebud Bus Line                           O'Neill-Bonesteel
1927   S.Y.A. Bus Line                            Lincoln-Grand Island
            Discontinued operations 1928
       South Kansas Stages                        Marysville KS-Lincoln
1927   Sullivan & Foley Bus Line                  Grand Island-Albion
            Discontinued operations 1928
       Oliver Terbune                             Gering-Scottsbluff
            Discontinued operations 1927
       M. Vincent                                 Omaha-Denver
            Discontinued operations 1927
1929   Western Nebraska Stages                    Scottsbluff-Sterling CO
1927   C. T. Wilson Bus Lines                     Nelson-Fairbury
1928   C. T. Wilson Bus Lines                     Hebron-York
       Cato Wray                                  McCook-Imperial
            Discontinued operations 1927
1927   B. W. Wright Bus Line                      Wayne-Sioux City
1928   B. W. Wright Bus Line                      Yankton SD-Wayne-Wisner
1929   B. W. Wright Bus Line                      Norfolk-Wayne
1929   B. W. Wright Bus Line                      Randolph-Sioux City
1929   Yellow Diamond Coach Line                  Grand Island-Norfolk

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